The Future of Today's Technology

The Future of Today's Technology

The development of technology has impacted various industries, including the cell phone industry. Earlier people used basic handsets which had the facility to just make and receive calls. Today, they are termed as outdated as today has witnessed the venture of smart-phones. Smart-phones has enabled us to carry out a lot of activities with just push of few buttons or delivering some commands, such as ordering food, connecting with people, shopping etc. Back then smart-phones were considered to be the future due to its stunning features. But what if apps, which are considered to be technological marvels of today, have a future? Technology continues to develop and apps also have a future, such as follows:

1. IoT:

Internet of Things (Iot) is a network of computing, mechanical and digital devices which are not related to each other and work on Unique Identifiers with the ability of transferring data which does not need any interaction with humans. Today a lot of things are being connected to the internet, be it a laptop, cell phone or even an Apple watch and it is because of IoT. The presence of Amazon's Alexa is an example. Devices use apps which are used to control day to day and device driven apps are the future as they are going to be the force which is going to push the number of mobile phones being produced, leading to a boom.

2. Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality has found its presence in games, be it Pokemon Go or any app which can give you a funny face filter. Instead of such gimmick apps, app builders are using augmented reality in internal processes. Let us assume the future where you can use it to design a product which you can bring it to life in the future. You can manipulate it like a real prototype. This can enable app builders to modify the surroundings by adding elements that doesn't exist.

3. Chatbots:

A lot of apps have chatbots which pops up and enables us to have a conversation when we need any help. It directs us to FAQs and helps us solves our issues or clear our doubts. The future is predicted with growth and development in chatbots, such as them being used to verify users. They are more of apps within apps as they have the same UX compared to any existing app.

4. Instant apps:

If you have installed an app for being used for a short time period and later uninstalled it, there are possibilities for you not doing that again. Instant apps are going to change the world. This is done to modularize apps as through this, app users can use only the required tool in the app and not the entire one. This enables the user to log into the browser which reduces the need or downloading the apps for single use.

5. Lite apps:

Ever since Android 6 was introduced, apps have taken less time to finish tasks in the background. Lite aps reduces battery consumption by deferring background CPU and network activity when the device is not used for a long time. Mainstream apps have some challenging qualities like quickly draining battery charge etc, occupting more memory etc. Facebook , example, occupies 200 MB after installation, but it is originally 70 MB when installed in the beginning. Facebook Lite occupies less memory and can even run on 2G network without problems. When installed it is 1 MB and after installation it might go up to 3MB only,along with minimum computing power and battery consumption. Although this is just one example, there are a lot more apps which are releasing the Lite versions of their apps.

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