6 Development Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Mobile Application

6 Development Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Mobile Application

The increase in the number of smart-phones in the market has lead to an increase in the number of users. As users we use a lot of apps for various purposes, be it for communication, shopping etc. App builders have to build the apps carefully keeping in mind what they are willing to deliver to the people.
For that, there is scope for a lot of potential mistakes which can be avoided in the initial stages, such as follows:

1. Over-Inclusion: 

He primary objective of a mobile app is to help in finishing the tasks with less time compared to time taken when done on a website. App builders tend to include a lot of features on the app, resulting in failure to accomplish the purpose of the app. Although an app which can perform a lot of functions sounds good, it just becomes too complex and the more complex it is, there are higher chances of more errors. It is an app, not a Swiss Army Knife.

However app creators should be careful to strike a balance between the number of features in the app and the programming experience.

2. Lack of testing: 

Once the app is released, creators fail to test it. We live in a world where a lot of apps are released. Despite that, only some become successful not only due to the rapport it forms with the users, but also it is due to the survival of a lot of tests through which it proves to be a successful one. The quality of the app is very important. Testing is a crucial phase.
Sometimes app creators don't give much importance to the app and just launch it without enough tests, the end result being a lot of errors. The endurance of an app is tested by operating in various phones. Thus it is this phase which emphasises the importance on quality.
Beta testing is also an important phase, because if the app is made for IOS and if it is run on Android, there could be possibilities of mistakes or errors. So in order to ensure smooth functioning, it is necessary to not avoid beta testing.

3. Copying:

 This is one of the most common mistakes committed in app building. Your app should be unique. It should have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). It is obvious that there are a lot of apps in the market when it comes to addressing a particular task. Despite that, your app must cut through the competition such that it offers something which the competitors couldn't offer.
If your app is similar compared to other apps, then there are very less chances of people noticing your app.

4. Not tackling bugs quickly: 

An app has to be updated, there are chances for the increase in bugs. Although bugs cannot be eliminated, it can be reduced time to time. Whenever an update is released, there should be a release of certain steps which can help in tackling the bugs. They have the potential to ruin the user experience and eventually reduce the number of users.

5. Ignoring negative feedback: 

There are times when app creators ignore the negative feedback after an app is launched. Negative feedback is just mere criticism for an app as this allows the creator to identify the mistakes in the app and come up with measures to rectify them.

6. No marketing and monetary plan: 

Efforts can be futile if an app is developed but it ends up having no marketing plan. Once the app is launched, it should be followed by a marketing plan.
It should be curated side by side with the app development. Although certain apps become famous without any marketing and rather through word of mouth, the plan behind making an app so attractive such that the promotion should be through word of mouth should also be a part of the plan when the app is being made.

Some apps are made for profit. So if the app does not have a strategy for mobilising money, then the chances of covering the costs of creation in the initial stages will be very less as in the end you will end up mobilising very little money.

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