Introduction To SMO

Introduction To SMO

The development of technology has resulted in an increase in the number of social media users. The increase in the number of social users has resulted in theincrease in its traffic. This leads to a need for the creation of more presence in thesocial too by the companies. Social Media Optimization is simply the process ofincreasing the presence of the company on social media. SMO involves creating a community for the company on social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram,Twitter etc. It is also the process of creating a much more sociable website orpresence.

If done right, SMO can result in an increase in the awareness of the company.In order to achieve effective and efficient SMO, the following key factors must be considered:
1. Preference:
If the company has the presence on multiple social media platforms but response is generated for only one website, it should not beforced on other social media sites, instead more preference should be given to the platform which generates more outreach.

2. Engagement:
It is necessary for companies to be interactive with thecustomers.

3. Content:
There should be quality content created for various social media platforms.

4. Strategy:

Whichever marketing strategy, be it online or offline, needs a strategy. A well curated strategy can result in more outreach. SMO also gives the freedom to rectify the mistakes and come up with remedies too.

5. Links:
It is necessary to have the links of the company%u2019s website in the social media sites. Due to this, it will be easy for the users to reach the website of the company easily.

6. Activeness:
It is necessary for the social media presence to be active round the clock in order to engage the customers and the social media users. Therefore, activeness of the same is an important criteria for the success of the digital marketing strategy of companies.

SMO is a useful tool for online business. Social media is such that proper usage can result in the success of the company, whereas improper usage can yield disastrous results. Optimization is necessary as the process of SMO is very different compared to handling a typical social media account.