The Evolution of Smart Work in Marketing

The Evolution of Smart Work in Marketing

 The process of marketing has evolved with the passage of time.  

There was a time when companies aimed at a larger reach of products to the people. Their primary focus was to ensure that products reach a larger number of people and goods and services were produced accordingly.  

Later the focus shifted from production to product, where focus was given to quality of products rather than a larger outreach as that was beginning to turn into a key for success. Companies began to attract people and convince them to buy the products and services. This is where we can draw a line of difference between hard work and smart work.

When companies began to attract more customers, they began convincing people in large numbers for buying their products, regardless of the result. They began to conduct marketing campaigns on a regular basis to ensure that customers are convinced after a particular point such that they end up buying that product. This is known as marketing done by hard work.

With passage of time then came the age of start-ups. Start-ups aimed to solve a problem in a society through their products. Start ups analysed the needs and wants in the society and developed products and services accordingly for the people. This technique was not only followed by the start ups but by regular and big companies too. This lead to smart work by companies.

Curation of products based on the needs and wants of the people where not enough to ensure success in the market. Such products where advertised strategically as in a world where companies where sticking on to mainstream marketing and advertising campaigns, companies had to ideate and curate alternate ways for advertising. The development of technology lead to advertising and marketing being done online through websites and social media platforms.

Just advertising wasn't enough. One had to check the progress of the same and come up with ways of rectifying them. It was done through analytical tools and that process is now known as digital marketing.

In other words, the idea of marketing has come a long way. It started with production, continues with product and later went to advertising. After advertising, products began to be created based on the needs and wants of the people but that wasn't enough as regular feedback was also needed. Regular feedback and analysis of the response through the campaigns on the target market has been possible through the development of technology and analytical tools for the same.

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