Your guide for a powerful landing page

Your guide for a powerful landing page

Whether you are focusing on blogs, emails or shooting videos for YouTube channel, successful marketers dwell on the idea of “content is king”. But in terms of landing pages, people jump into conversions. When you are focusing on landing pages, you have to understand that the simplest nuances can have a huge impact on your conversions. Here is a check-list for assuring that you end up with a powerful landing page copy.

1. Action oriented language: It is very important to write with action verbs for guaranteed success for conversions. Landing pages are prone to blink tests i.e., if people do not tend to visit the other pages of your website within 3 seconds of opening it, they tend to close it. This implies that if your landing page is not good enough and if it ends up failing the blink test, then you will end up losing a lot of potential conversions. When you write with verbs, you are giving stronger and more definitive instruction for visitors tells them about what to do with your page. In your perspective, it is about how to pass the blink test.

2. Value oriented language: Your landing page answers to this question- “So what?”. Your language is such that you end up convincing your visitors about how they can benefit by availing your service or purchasing your product. If you can have a heading which can explain about the benefits they receive, it will direct you and your visitors to the real value of your offer. Here you must not only explain the features, but also the benefits of your features. This revolves around the idea of optimizing your website so that you can get higher rankings too. But in your landing page, you have to assure that it is such that the visitors act immediately and not hesitate.

3. Second person: By writing in second term, you talk to your readers using “you” rather than “I”. Here you have to look for opportunities such that you end up forming a good connection between your offer and the reader. By doing so you can show the value of your offer because people who read your offer can visualize how the offer can impact their lives, if used.

4. Clarity>Creativity: You have to come up with a direct way to convey your message and refrain from using fancy language. You have to include the content such that jargon in minimized and it does not tend to distract the readers from the meanings. Once you are done with your content, it is very important to read your write up multiple times and modify it such that with just simple words you end up conveying a lot. One of the simplest ways to do it is to use data when you are trying to convey something complicated.

5. Format: Even if your content is wonderful, if it not pleasant for the readers, then they will not consume the information which you intend to tell. Formats include stuff such as the usage of bold texts, italics, checkmarks etc. This helps your website visitors to consume the content in an easy manner. It is obvious that your website visitors will not read the entire content and they will stick to only the highlighted words. However one must be careful in this because the words you choose to highlight must be such that your visitors gets the attention of the content.

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