Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Emotions in Marketing? | Search Engine Marketing

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Emotions in Marketing? | Search Engine Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is something which has taken the world by storm such that it has impacted a lot of fields, right from science to marketing. It has become a huge buzzword in marketing such that a lot of experts in business and marketing are saying that it will have a much larger impact on business firms than the internet. Yes, much larger than the internet. This has resulted in a lot of markers worrying about the shift as they fear that it will make them obsolete. They fear that creativity, passion and emotion will be replaced by algorithms, math and machinery.

Through this is quite obvious that the development has technology has resulted in a lot of combinations of diverse fields, such as marketing and technology. Not much people might have expected this too. This leaves us with a question: Will AI kill emotion in marketing? The answer is No. Artificial Intelligence will not kill emotion, not even close. Suggesting that this will happen is like claiming that any technical marvels will kill the emotions in marketing. Marketing is all about connecting with customers. Customers are people and people have emotions. In fact experts agree that a a lot of activities in marketing, including sales, depends on emotions. By tapping into the emotions rightly, you can convert leads into sales.

Instead of killing emotions, artificial intelligence is into something else i.e., facial recognition and recommendation. They take in inputs from the customers and based on that they process the information, understand their needs and wants and come up with solutions accrdoingly.

They have data fed well in advance. Processing and coming up with information is just a game of some permutations. Artificial Intelligence will turn out to be more interesting if emotionally resonant content is produced by great marketers. It can help the marketers take in and process a lot of data as by doing so, you can provide the best value to the marketers. A lot of marketers might not like to spend time digging into data, but they would rather prefer time by focusing on their customers. These algorithms can process the data about your customers, such as what they want, what they are interested in, what motivates them to approach you etc as by doing so, you can get a deep understanding of people you are trying to connect with. By doing so you can focus on things such as emotions and people.

Artificial Intelligence isn’t going away anytime soon. Similarly people are also not going away anytime soon. Marketers will have high chances of achieving success by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and emotions and combining them together such that in the end you end up getting “Artificial Intelligence and Emotion” and not “Artificial Intelligence or Passion”. It is technology and people and not technology and passion.

Artificial Intelligence will continue to shape marketing, but the creative choices you make as a marketer will also influence the same. You have to understand your customers. If you want to connect with them with the content which really helps them and deliver emotionally resonant and customer focused messages, you have to fuse them both.

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