Why Bulk Uploading Is Not Well Suited for Video Marketing?

Why Bulk Uploading Is Not Well Suited for Video Marketing?

Having a successful YouTube channel takes a lot of efforts and patience and it's a "joint venture" of a lot of factors resulting into creating one. But we want to touch on one specific mistake we've seen time and time again and that is bulk uploads.

It's a well-known fact that a video marketing can bring great returns to your firm. A video production services company may give right videos on right time but may not give guidance on how to use them effectively. Dumping all of the videos up onto your YouTube channel and the website at the same time is not recommended.

Your audience and the search engines both of them want to see a site that is always an ongoing source of new information. If you have 20 videos that answer FAQs of the people you are trying to attract. Keep in mind that Google identifies channels and websites that are consistent with their scheduled content. Usually, a channel that uploads one video every week for twenty weeks is going to receive more favourable rankings than a channel that uploads twenty videos in one day.

You can upload multiple videos in a week and you can continue with that schedule. You need to commit to your audience for uploading fixed number of videos every week and time of uploading. Eventually, spreading of videos is an equally important task.

What is Subscriber Burn?
Subscriber burn is when videos do not show up in sub boxes of subscribers, because they don't watch the channel for a certain amount of time. Even though you have 5 million people subscribed to the channel, the average view count is between 300,000-600,000, after about a week or so, it doesn't make sense. If a user skips over too many new videos from the same channel, that channel will begin to fall down the feed, and in due course disappear.