What Is Most Cost Effective, VFX or Real Location?

What Is Most Cost Effective, VFX or Real Location?

The video production industry is now going through lot of revolutions in coming days and it has always gone through. It is not always true that anything which gives lot of traffic to a footage or a video clip is a success but it has to be also cost effective. That's the need of an hour.

A VFX (Visual effects) is a computer generated effect to represent an object or effect. Instead of visual effects sometimes its better /worst to shoot on real locations. Let's discuss this how.

1. Shooting a moving car with a green screen tends to be cheaper compared to shooting a moving car if there's no dialogue in the scene. If you keep the engine off and are dragging the car off-screen, it will be difficult and time consuming because there is an overhead of paying surplus amount and sync up those lines with the picture. The cost to do the green screen is not only cheaper but also faster over shooting on real location.

2. Shooting a period film when you're an independent filmmaker and going to renting out a location and building the sets in order to look like the appropriate era and place when the film studio does not have pre-built sets designed. Pre-built sets can be further modified to fit the needs of the film/ video at comparatively lower cost. sometimes the practical effects are simply easier and cheaper with what you've already available with. Going for VFX is better option in this case.

3. Blood and gunshot effects is another example for making use of VFX over the real location, because the sets are so expensive in this case too. This type of set is more dangerous and each scene takes longer, no. of staff required is also more.

The popular view is that practicality is about the availability and cost of materials.