What is Email Marketing?

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the usage of emails for marketing. The possibility of unlimited emails being sent from email accounts is one of the reasons why email marketing has become a way of marketing. Email marketing also refers to a simple way of establishing a communication network between two parties for a long lasting business partnership. In fact, every email sent to a client should be considered as email marketing. It allows the addition of advertisements of the company in the
email, if any. Email marketing can be classified into the following types:
1. Newsletters:
This category consists of the emails sent to the people who choose to receive notifications from the desired company. It has news related to the current affairs of the company, new product launches etc. This is done to engage the customers on a continuous basis.

2. Direct Emails:
This is used to inform the customers about the availability of new products in the market. It is similar to product catalogues.

3. Transactional Emails:
These emails are sent as a reaction or a response for a certain action related to the company. Such actions include booking a cinema ticket, refund details etc. These emails not only have transactional
qualities but also additional links or possibilities for further activities. For example, if a customer receives a conformation email regarding flight tickets being booked, the email might also have a link which might direct the customer to additional features, such as booking seats or pre ordering meals.

Email marketing has proven to be useful in various instances. One can use email marketing for reaching out to people who have chose to receive notifications from them. It is a cost effective method of reaching out to potential customers. The possibility of creativity allows email marketer of various companies reach the masses in an effective and efficient manner. One can look into the possibilities of improvement and can come up with methods for rectifying the same.

Email marketers play an important role in the process of email marketing. They have to curate email marketing campaigns, so the tasks might be technical as well as creative. Therefore one must require significant knowledge in the usage of computers as well as marketing.One has to be very careful if email marketing is a preferred campaign. It can becreated in a relevant manner in order to generate more response. The overall layout of the email should be created in a user friendly manner. If used effectively and efficiently, email marketing can become one of the successful marketing
campaigns of a company. However it cannot be suited for all companies. So the need for email marketing must be carefully understood before proceeding with the same.

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