Ways to design high-quality web pages for Google in 2020

Ways to design high-quality web pages for Google in 2020

Just like other trends, web design has also changed over the past few years. It is very crucial to keep up with the web design trends so that you can compete with your competitors. Every year web design trends will help you make your website look modern and professional.

One must know that just because one's website is live doesn't mean the site is optimized. Web design matters because visitors form an opinion based on the website's design. The site's design also impacts your credibility and creates the success of your site.

Are you wondering where to find the latest web design trends? We have got your back. We are going to mention some latest web design trends that can help you create high-quality web pages in the year 2020. So without any further delay, let's get started.

1. Keep the text short written on the web pages

Nobody is interested in reading long, elaborated plain text. It makes your website incredibly dull & boring. We are not talking about blog content here. The content on the home page must be as minimal as possible.

You simply need to learn to explain too much within a few sentences or words. The content must be concise and understandable for all the visitors.

2. Chatbots

As per today's trends in the field of web designing, a site is incomplete without a chatbot. A chatbot is a new form of customer service. This trend is going to be prevalent this entire year 2020.

With each passing day, artificial intelligence is getting sophisticated. Therefore we expect to see chatbots become the new norm in 2020. It is a new way of customer service and personal shopping as well.

3. Make your web pages mobile-friendly

If you think responsive web design is all you need, then it is wrong. Your site should work equally well on mobile devices. Nowadays, people are more onto their mobiles rather than any other digital device.

One must make sure the site allows thumb-friendly mobile navigation for all your mobile users. Align the menu, navigation bar, and contact buttons in the space a thumb can reach so that it becomes easier for visitors to use your site.

4. Try Micro Animation

It is another way of designing high-quality web pages for Google in 2020. Google just loves videos and animations. Micro animation adds little extra elements to your web design. Such animation transforms a site into an impressive one.

Micro animation is appealing to visitors' eyes and is beneficial in guiding users through the site's navigation. You can also add an element of playfulness to your site via micro animations.

5. Use bold colors

Avoid using dull colors, especially for text color, so that it is easy for the users to read the headlines. You should use bold, bright, saturated colors to help your brand stand out. Some brands became famous due to their iconic color theme.

We highly recommend using a uniform color scheme throughout the website. Every web page of the site must look symmetrical as per the color theme used.

6. Material Design is a must

Material Design is a design language by Google that helps icons look more realistic and exciting. Google's software suite icons are the best examples here. It uses specific techniques like adding a shadow behind the images to make them look subtle.

It helps in making icons look three-dimensional and provide a new level of designing to your website.

7. Smart Video

As mentioned earlier, Google loves videos. Hence creating a high-quality web page without using a smart video is next to impossible. A smart video is a must-have for your website. Now, what's the difference between a video and a quick video? Well, a smart video has a purpose and meaning.

It is better to have one well-thought video than a bunch of meaningless videos. Such videos are not only meaningful but also eye-catching. It is a fun visual representation of your business.

Wrap Up

The web design decides whether your site is going to be successful or not. We tried to mention all the latest web design trends that one must try this 2020.

It doesn't matter whether your website is brand new or old; our trends will help you improve your website. Don't hesitate to try out such trends and explore new technologies.