Video Marketing Trends To Incorporate Into Your Marketing Strategy

Video Marketing Trends To Incorporate Into Your Marketing Strategy

Videos have evolved into from a source of entertainment to a method used by marketers to mobilize Conversions. It is done by uploading them on various platforms, particularly on social media sites and website of the company, thus leading to a new trend called video marketing. In video marketing you have a lot of trends and they are as follows:

1. Live video streaming: Video streaming has evolved into a trend and the trend continues to accelerate. Live videos guarantee stuff such as immediate feedback etc. A live video is also a way of boosting the excitement of your audience. Behind the scene, Q and A sessions, product launches etc are some of the examples for which live videos are being used. It is said to boost the audience’s screen time 3 times longer compared to regular videos. Live videos also leave 10 times more comments during the video streaming.

2. Stories: It is pretty obvious that a lot of people are aware about gaining attention in the stories. Instagram live, although which is perceived to be a feature copied from Snapchat, is a tough competitor to Snapchat with more that 250 million active users. Despite this, Snapchat is planning on sharing stories as embedded tweets. But the game is not over. YouTube is also coming up with something known as YouTube Reels and that is similar compared to stories as it aims on bringing in more social media vibe.

3. Cost reduction: Live streaming reduces the cost of live video production. We usually believe that live streaming is for large companies, but we are wrong. There is no need for a fancy video production department for streaming live videos, thus proving it to be a cost effective measure.

4. Mobile video optimization: You might have come across some videos about food from Buzzfeed Tasty. If you observe, you might have noticed that the videos are in square shaped. Facebook is recommending the conversion of videos into a 1:1 format as it fits into mobile phones easily. As it is an instant hit, it ends up in increasing competition rates of cropped clips by 67%. This has resulted in a lot of people jumping on the bandwagon too.

5. Facebook vs YouTube: With streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime competing against each other, this has lead to companies like Apple investing a lot of money in original video content. This has resulted in Facebook doing the same too through Facebook Watch. Facebook shares 55% of its revenue from Facebook Watch. This has resulted in a lot of people focusing on social viewing, as a lot of suggestions which you get on Facebook are from videos watched by the people around you. This can be used to the advantage by companies interested in bringing communities closer, resulting in a better video marketing strategy.

6. Transcribe Video Content: Video transcription is the process of translating your video’s audio into text. It has a huge advantage in SEO as YouTube ranks your video higher than the non transcribed videos. A transcribed video will help the search engines to detect more optimized keywords. Ever since Google purchased YouTube in 2006, there has been a major changes in the algorithm of YouTube as Google has added its algorithm into YouTube. This implies that with a better transcript, your video can get a better reach on Google.

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