Top SEO Tools You Should Consider In 2020

Top SEO Tools You Should Consider In 2020

In order to achieve top engine rankings, one must understand how a website is optimized for incoming traffic and how it works. To better identify the purpose and content of a web page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is developed as an extension to web accessibility by following HTML 4 guidelines.

There are plenty of SEO tools out there that may help you optimize your website in the best possible way. So here in this blog post, we have compiled a list of top SEO tools you should consider in the year 2020. Let's get started with the list.

1. Google Search Console - Top consideration

Google Search Console is one of the topmost considerations for an SEO tool. It is on the top of our list due to its usability and versatility. This tool comes up with a variety of SEO tools that aid users to identify issues and resolve them. Have a look at some pros and cons of using Google Search Console.


- It displays the Search Analytics which includes search terms, pages and position of each term that brings traffic.

- This tool fetches results and helps you understand how Google crawls the website.

- A very extended and versatile SEO tool.


- It discovers a list of HTML errors found during interception into the site. But sometimes it isn't up to the mark.

2. Ahrefs - Keyword Tool

Ahrefs is a keyword tool that is preferred by digital marketers even in 2020. So what's the real catch here? We all know that keyword density plays a vital role in deciding the website's SEO scores. Therefore this keyword tool highlights the part that needs improvements. The following are some pros and cons of the same.


- Easy to use and powerful.

- Good & decent customer support.

- Back link index comparison

- Keywords index comparison feature.

- Site Audit feature.

- The outbound link feature sets it apart.


- Bit costly.

- You have to manually remove bad links.

3. SEMRush - Marketing Tool

SEMRush Marketing Tool comes up with a bunch of features that can help you grab some better opportunities. It helps you easily access your rankings, in-depth analysis and much more. The SEMRush Analytics Report displays search data, site traffic, and sometimes your competitor's site as well. Here's it's pros and cons.


- Simple and user-friendly SEO tool.

- Organic keyword research feature.

- Gives link analysis.

- Competitive organic research feature.


- It can be a little confusing sometimes.

- Keyword volume accuracy is not up to the mark.

- Understanding each feature is quite difficult.

4. MOZ Software

The best thing about this tool is that it keeps itself updated with the latest Google algorithm changes. It was founded by the great Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig in 2004. From being a simple blog to an SEO giant, this tool has come a long way. Some pros and cons explained below.


- Highly advanced chat portal.

- It is an SEO powerhouse that comes up with site crawls, recommendations, and much more.

- Page Optimization feature.

- It provides increased transparency.


- It is only available over SaaS, Web, and Cloud.

- Native mobile versions not available.

- No Google Analytics integration.

5. Answer The Public

Answer The Public SEO tool helps you create content around a certain set of keywords. This free tool gives an immense edge while trying to rank better. Apart from being a good SEO tool it also provides featured snippets. We have mentioned some pros and cons of this tool.


- No signup or registration required.

- The results can be downloaded in CSV file.

- The keywords visualization can be downloaded as a jpeg file.

- Simple, free and easy to use.

- Free how-to-use course available.


- No keyword statistics.

- Pro version required for changing the language and location settings.

- The free version allows only three searches per day.

Signing off

It can be a very tedious task to make your website SEO friendly and beat your competitors. But

thanks to the abundance of SEO tools out there that make our job quite easier. Every year a

variety of SEO tools are developed and used.

We have tried to explain some of the most favorite and popular SEO tools today. The pros and

cons explained will help you analyze the best tools among others. We recommend you try each

of them and get the best out of it.