The Not So Optimized Social Media |Wrong Way to do SMO

The Not So Optimized Social Media |Wrong Way to do SMO

The development of technology has resulted in the development of social media with million users. This has resulted in business firms expanding their presence into social media sites like Facebook , Twitter etc, leading to Social Media Optimization. It is a digital strategy used to reach out to the people. With a lot of companies opting for this venture, this has lead to cut throat competition among companies and the end result is survival of the fittest. With the competition being very intense, a lot of companies have began imitating their competitors in terms of marketing campaigns or social media campaigns. Some have proven to be successful, whereas some haven't. If a company is planning on opting for SMO, there are some potential mistakes which they are prone to do, such as follows:

Not having a plan:
Companies which doesn't have a plan or a strategy will fail to reach out to the audience, followed by goals to be achieved. It could be more outreach, or more conversions, or to create a better brand image etc. Whatever it is it is necessary to have a plan right from ideation, curation and implementation. Any social media team needs to have a team, strategies, target audience and investment. Also, having just goals will not be enough. You should also work towards achieving them.

Negative feedback:
There are times when companies don't pay attention to negative feedback. They dismiss them by either ignoring them/ giving unsatisfactory feedback etc. Companies tend to perceive that negative feedback is something which will spoil their reputation. Actually negative feedback is an opportunity for the companies to improve their product or any of their operations. To combat these issues, it is necessary for the companies to respond to the negative feedback through the creation of a response team. Response shouldn't sound so robotic.

Sometimes negative feedback could just be a criticism. Whatever may be, companies shouldn't panic after receiving negative feedback.

Posting excessive content is one of the mistakes done on social media. By doing so, companies are disclosing a lot of information to the public, which will sometimes lead to people marking them as spam. No matter how interesting the content is, it should be released only at regular intervals, which is a part of the plan for companies. The content provided should be diverse and very engaging for the public.

Dormancy can mean dormancy across social media platforms, where one platform will be active and another will be dormant. This should be avoided by publishing content at regular intervals. It is necessary to strike a balance between excessive content and no content, as both of them can lead to a loss of customers. Sometimes, companies tackle this issue by concentrating more on platforms which leads to more conversions. However this will not work for all companies. So it is necessary to have a tailor made plan as sometimes copying the strategies of other companies may not help.

No Interaction:
Regular interaction is necessary to keep the audience engaged. It goes hand in hand along with publishing of content. Interaction should be business oriented and not personal. If it creates a lot of arguments can end up in backlash. 
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