The Instagram for your business SMM Services

The Instagram for your business SMM Services

Technology is something which has penetrated into all fields, be it communication, marketing, business etc. What if you can bring them together? Social media was started as a tool for communication and to stay in touch with people around us. But now SMM Services  scope has expanded beyond limits such that one cannot survive without social media. It has become an integral part of our lives. It has become an integral part of business firms too. Today companies have social media platforms to survive in the market as it has evolved into a way of expanding their outreach, get more contacts, promote the business etc. Just like technology, social media has a constant- change. Yes, it is always changing.

Today, you can see some SMM giants like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. With millions of users and a growing number of users, Instagram is a force to be reckoned with. In the B2B scenario, there are a lot of brands who use Instagram to create awareness about the brands, engage with the audience and in the end, attract more customers and gain more sales.

Here are some tips on how you can use Instagram for your business

1. Use authentically generated content:

Today Instagram is such that it ain’t about stock images or promotional pictures. It is time to go real-time. Your leads are now in need of some authentic content which will talk about the culture in your company and your product offerings. Real time content refers to live video streaming, which is unfiltered. It adds an element of originality and human elements as that helps you form a genuine connection with your customers. Through such originality, customers prefer to see some original and authentic stuff rather than just made up stuff.

2. Go fast and mix it up:

Through Instagram you can now post pictures and videos on your phone easily. Just open it, select the video or photo to be uploaded, add captions and upload it. Simple, so there ain’t any complications for creating content. Through this, you can now upload content wherever and whenever, without much planning. Different types of content will attract different types of audiences but it will also show the various sides of your business as people might not prefer to see something monotonous on Instagram.

3. Get involved:

It is important to not only post content on your feed. You have to expand your outreach by being a part of some wider conversations by replying to the comments or responding to the questions or queries by the users. However your response must be professional and polite. If you engage more with the people, there are more chances for people engaging more with you.

4. Make most of the link:

Although Instagram does not let people access links posted in the captions, one can do that if they are added in the bio. Your bio is a place where links can be added. By using some tools like Linktree you can create a customized link such that it includes a page with more links. This will allow you to share a lot of links and you can also exploit the potential of just links being added in the bio of an Instagram account.

5. Tell a story in every single post:

Businesses which tell the most interesting stories build the largest audiences. If your aim is to attract more people who can engage with you, you will be in need of some consistent visual storytelling content that can cut through the chaff present on Instagram. Instagram also allows the facility of adding multiple images in one post. You can use that to create a slideshow and tell a story.

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