The Blueprint for Email Marketing Trends in 2019

The Blueprint for Email Marketing Trends in 2019

If you are into marketing, you might’ve known that the development of technology has resulted in the fusion of marketing and technology, leading to the creation of digital marketing. Just like mainstream technology, this is also prone to a changes and updates with the passage of time. One such beneficiary is email. It is used as a digital communication tool. Since technology is evolving at a rapid pace, it is very important to be updated with the latest trends in the same. With email being one of the ideal tools for communication, it is one of the highest ROI earning marketing tools for all types of business firms, be it big or small. It is very important that you exploit the potential of the same.

Here are some of the prominent trends in email marketing in 2019:

1. Segmenting and targeting: Since email marketing is being used extensively by marketers and business firms to increase ROI, there is a need to include a lot of statistics and data for maximizing profits. Emails contribute to almost 60 percent of the earnings of companies. With a lot of importance given to segmenting and targeting, emails have the capacity to increase by 18 times more. It means that marketers are going to rely on emails heavily for churning out more profits. Email marketing is more about focusing on audiences who will find value in the same by engaging it. For example, if a person gets an email for which he/she has to respond. If that person doesn’t respond, then the email will not proceed further.

2. Interactive emails: There has been a major shift in the way in which marketers come up with emails. The past was filled with sending promotions with attractive graphics. This year, it is expected to be more of interactive emails with plain texts. Therefore, there is going to be a majorshift in the way in which advertisements are going to be carried out. Although emails with fancy visuals might look appealing, people have evolved to be hesitant to open or interact with such emails. They might even end up branding it as a spam, which is the worst manner in which such emails should be labeled as. Emails in HTML formats tend to be more heavy with graphics compared to plain texts. To keep the people engaged, marketers are coming up with emails such that they encourage involvement through GIFs, surveys, quizzes etc.

3. Storytelling: Along with plain text emails, storytelling has also been found out to be an interesting way to keep the viewer’s attention hooked on to them and to influence their behavior. Stories can reach out to the persona of a potential customer, thus eventually leading to maximization of ROI. This has lead to marketers exploiting the potential of stories and using them as one of the best marketing strategies of all time.

4. Mobile phones: Optimization of emails for mobile phones is a noteworthy step for maximizing more ROI through email marketing. Studies suggests that people tend to view the emails on their phone first, followed by viewing them on their desktops. Out of all the email users on Gmail, almost 75% of them tend to use Gmail on their mobile phones. Through these statistics it is pretty obvious that optimization for emails for mobile phones must also be done.

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