The Art of Writing Lead Converting Blog Posts

The Art of Writing Lead Converting Blog Posts

Content is King and it forms an integral part of your blog posts. It can help you gain more customers or more readers. There is a stereotype in blogging- It is all about making people read what you have written. But the truth is that whoever reads your posts on your log will not immediately convert into your sales. They will continue to be readers unless/until you make an effort to convert them. This leaves us with a question: How do you write such posts?

1. A catchy headline:

Millions of blog posts are published every day. It is quite obvious about the competition which will be high. Your blogs must create a lot of attention from your readers such that even the title should attract them as that is the first thing they will see in a blog. Some bloggers say that the title of the blog must perform well for making readers read your posts because if that cannot perform well, how do you think people will read the content?

Have you come across a situation where your analytics tell you that your readers are from social media? Your goal is to convert readers into customers, so it must be reader centric. For being reader centric, you have to remember some points

• First words and last words count.

• Tell you reader what to expect from your blog post. Is it going to be a listicle? Or a step by step guide?

• Have a message, so don’t be afraid to use adjectives and adverbs.

• Include believable but intriguing content through the usage of purposeful psychological approach

2. Hook the reader:

Research suggests that only 18% of the readers will read your posts after reading your headline. There is no assurance that people who ream them will end up being converted as your sales as you might have to develop more trust on your readers for the same. If you want people to read your posts, then you have to hook the reader. You have to have a lead that captures the attention by including some of the following suggestions:

• Interesting facts

• Anecdotes

• A current event reference

• A question to resonate with

3. Tell a story:

People don’t care about facts, but they rather care about stories. Storytelling has become an important source of communication such that when we listen to them, we can actually visualize ourselves in the story. You are not writing a novel but a blog post. It should be such that your readers must do something. It should be rich with subheadings, bullet points etc as readers tend to skim and scan. Your content should be such that by just skimming through the message your readers must get the message.

4. Back up:

Remember that you are not telling fairy tales. You are trying to build trust with your readers through your posts. This means that you are claiming that whatever you disclose through your posts are true. People tend to read posts which are more data driven, trustworthy and authoritative. Therefore you have to include data from reliable sources that backs up whatever you are saying. Government sites, Google Scholar etc are some examples of data sources.

5. Genuine content:

The idea of believability for a reader comes in various ways, such as follows:

• Your language must be real and genuine. Avoid jargon.

• Your target audience is your audience. Your content must be such that they can identify the problems they are facing so that they are able to come up with solution by reading your posts.

• Avoid typos and grammatical mistakes.

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