The ABC of Facebook Ad Campaigning

The ABC of Facebook Ad Campaigning

The development of Facebook has witnessed the expansion of its presence into various aspects. Today, it is used for business, promotion, entertainment, marketing etc. The concept of digital marketing has expanded into this realm and it has proved itself as one of the useful techniques for pulling off a digital marketing campaign.

Have a plan It is necessary to identify certain aspects before venturing. One must have a plan for this because it is pointless to proceed without a plan and the idea of going with the flow is indeed a very risky idea. The proposed plan for a social media campaign should answer some questions, such as:

1.What is the objective of your campaign                                                                                     

2.Can you curate content for this?

An ad campaign has three stages: campaign, curation and implementation. In campaign, it is necessary to set the base for the ad. In curation, you set the objectives i.e., the actions which results in the people seeing your ad. Finally, in implementation, you execute the plan.

Target your audience Target a specific and potential audience helps in faster response to the campaigns. You can use filters like gender, demography, tastes etc. One can also use a combo of these filters to narrow down to a specific filter. Targeting people who are familiar with your business aids faster conversion. One can use certain tools, such as follows:   

Customer file: A game changer if you have an existing audience.                                                 

Website Traffic: Use it based on how people interact with your page.                                         

App Activity: Target audience who completed a particular task.                                                   

Engagement on Facebook: Engage with people who have interacted with your content                   

Launch the ad This step involves launching the ad. The people will see your ad based on how you create it. So this involves the format you come up with. Generally multiple launches have proven to generate more traffic and people tend to remove ads which generates less traffic, although it is not advised to do that and it can modified. So it is necessary to introduce ads if the existing ones are slowing down.

Conduct Feedback A very important step in this process. One has to measure the progress of the campaigns and come up with techniques accordingly to increase the outcome or speed up the outreach. People generally tend to remove existing ads which brings out poor results. However, instead of that one can modify the ad accordingly such that it continues to bring out more outcome.

Pay Per Click(PPC)

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