Testimonial Videos- A Hack For Success

Testimonial Videos- A Hack For Success

Feedback after the usage of a particular product/service has proven to be a smart move for generating more leads. In this case, it is done through customer testimonial videos. The development of technology has resulted in business activities to take place online too. Transactions, conversations over deals, partnerships and a lot more activities have taken place online.

They are videos of the customers talking about the experience about using their product. It can be found
in the website of the companies.

Here are some reasons why customer video testimonial videos (corporate Films) can turn out to be a successful venture:

1. Trigger emotions:Emotions are the primary factor for generating decisions. Usage of texts or just words will end up being bland. Whatever has to be said through words, if said through videos, will save a lot of time for those who watch. Words have to be read and interpreted and it is obvious that a lot of audience might not be having the patience to do that. The mirror neurons in our brain help in triggering emotions.

2. Retention rate:Studies have shown that videos have a higher retention rate than words. The same applies for stories. Stories regarding life before and after usage of the product have ended up motivating the audience to avail the same as storytelling has a similar effect with our brain.

3. Preference:People, ranging from customers to executives, prefer videos than texts. It helps in increasing the open rates. It has proved to help in more conversions than just texts.

4. Sharing possibilities:People not only like to watch videos, but also share them. Videos tend to get shared more than texts and images. So if you want to gain social traction, then adding videos will help in the same. This has resulted in an increase in video content.

5. Trust:Consumers tend to trust reviews of the people who have used products. So if a testimony video has to be created, the content in the video should be trustworthy.

6. More conversion:Various studies show that video content aids in faster conversion. Marketers employe videos and testimonials because they work. It is a way of driving more sharing on social media. If companies spend a lot on this, it means that the money can be claimed through the revenue generated by sales.

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