Some Interesting SEO and Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

Some Interesting SEO and Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

Digital marketing is something which has taken the world by storm. It has become a surviving skill for people to be employed. It has also become a factor for companies to survive in a competitive world. One must understand that digital marketing evolves on a continuous basis. One way or the other, people come up with different techniques or hacks for digital marketing. It has evolved into a personalized strategy which thus calling in for careful analysis for and by companies for capturing a major share in the market. With digital marketing evolving on a continuous basis, it gives rise to new trends. If these trends are ignored, companies end up using archaic techniques in this field and in the end, they fail.

Here are some of the trends in digital marketing:

1. Instagram: Studies suggest that there has been a decline in the number of Facebook users and rise in the number of Instagram users. It looks pretty obvious that it might overtake Facebook and it will emerge as one of the most used apps among the millineials. Therefore, if you have a firm whose primary targets are people below 30 years, Instagram is a preferred app for carrying out your marketing campaigns.

2. Facebook: Facebook might be declining amongst the millinials, but it is pretty obvious that Facebook continues to be the #1 social media platform with billions of active users. The number of users might be decreasing, but Facebook has a lot of users above the age of 30. It can be used if you want to target a demography aged more than 30.

3. LinkedIn: In the B2B scenario, marketers have become worried as due to the changes in the algorithms of Facebook and Instagram, the organic reach has also become difficult for B2B marketers. Despite this, LinkedIn has become a boon to B2B marketers as it has been a one stop solution for them. LinkedIn is an amazing place to promote content and to generate high quality leads, along with it being a platform which generates more than 50% of all the social media traffic to websites and blogs. You can use this platform to create a strong impression of your company. You can also use this platform to generate more visitors to your blog too by linking your articles and blog to your LinkedIn account.

4. Micro Influence: This has become an interesting way to generate more leads and conversions. Studies suggest that people trust influencers more than celebrities. It can be a YouTuber, or an Instagram blogger etc. This is a solution to influencer marketing which has evolved into an expensive affair. Micro Influencers are people who have a massive following of more than 10000 people. Compared to influencers they might be having a smaller crowd, but their crowd is more trustworthy and genuine as they can ensure a higher conversion rate and can also charge less fee compared to the influencers. However one must be very careful in picking influencers as one might come across a lot of fake influencers too and they can be fraudulent. Instagram has updated its algorithm to remove fake followers. If you are into influencing, it is better to avoid such people.

5. SEO: Have you come across a rumor that SEO is dead? If yes, don’t believe it! As long as people search on the internet, SEO will continue to be alive and kicking. SEO is something which will help you in the long run. It can help you get a lot of organic traffic as it is going to be an open source of traffic for your company. Although it is not easy, if mastered, it can yield massive results.

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