SEO tools you can use as a part of SEO services

SEO tools you can use as a part of SEO services

In a rapidly evolving world, it is necessary to adapt to the different changes around us, particularly in fields such as business or technology. Technology is something which does not remain constant. It evolves as time goes by. People are coming up with interesting discoveries in technology such that by taking it up it has yielded a lot of returns if used properly. Search Engine Optimization is one of them. It is the act of increasing the outreach of your company on search engines by just entering some keywords.

However words used for SEO and its services must be done carefully as it has a huge impact on the rankings and search results of your company’s website. Once it done it is very important to use some tools to evaluate the performance of your SEO decisions. Here are some tools which can help you:

1. Moz: Moz helps you target difficult keywords using metrics. It is one of the most reputed softwares which looks into every aspect of SEO, which is a masterpiece itself and can be used by SEO professionals. You can use this to track your rankings and check which words are working properly by using its Search Visibility Score. Some advanced features include the issues you have to fix for increasing the visibility of your site and improve its rankings.

2. Ubersuggest: This software is perceived to be a keyword research tool, but it is something beyond that. It can show domain level metrics like top content pages, organic traffic value etc. By using this software you can find the exact keywords which are used by your competitors along with the top keywords which can generate impressive results if used, thus helping you to adjust your SEO strategy accordingly. This software is also free of cost.

3. Google keyword planner: No keyword research process is complete without this tool because you can get the results directly from Google. You will be in need of key word planner for better analysis and this software can help in the same along with covering some important metrics like competition for every keyword. This software is free of cost.

4. Screaming frog: This is a crawler used by a lot of SEO experts around the world. This can help you crawl into URLs and find out the key elements to conduct a simple SEO audit. The free version of the software comes with a limit of 500 URLs. If you want to go beyond that you have to buy the full version.

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