Ways to rank your products higher on Amazon

Ways to rank your products higher on Amazon

Whenever we think of SEO, we only think of Google. But this isn't all you should focus on here. One must understand that one's website isn't the only place where they would be selling products. If you have a product page on Amazon, this blog is for you.

A user visits Amazon in search of a product, but various vendors are selling the same product. So how do you make sure a user purchases from you only? Here comes the concept of Amazon SEO. We will explain some ways by which you can rank your products higher on Amazon. So let's get started.

An Intro to Amazon's Algorithm

Amazon algorithm decides which product to display and how high such products are ranked based on the following criteria.

- Search words relevancy.

- Past customer reviews, feedback, and preferences.

- Quantity of units of a specific product sold in the past.

Another set of criteria also decides the product ranking on Amazon. The algorithm A9 is the Amazon algorithm that fuels the website product search box. This algorithm is a corporate secret. Amazon vendors know the importance of Amazon's search engine and being listed on the first page.

How to rank your products higher on Amazon?

1. Relevant Product Headline

The first thing noticed by a buyer is the product headline. Therefore, you should try to keep it simple yet relevant enough to grab some attention. It is one of the crucial factors that influence your product rankings on Amazon A9.

Just make sure you include all relevant details on the product title. Try to avoid overstuffing the title and putting the name first. But it must also be pleasing to the eye. Amazon recommends you to include the following in your title.

1. Product

2. Brand

3. Quantity

4. Material

5. Color

2. Focus on product keywords

Keywords are known to be the silent game-changer in the field of SEO. In the same way, you can rank your products higher on Amazon by keeping the keywords in check. By keywords here, we mean relevant keywords.

To choose the best keywords for your products, go through the top reviewed products, and compile a helpful list of keywords. Now you have a list of all the relevant keywords required for your product ranking on Amazon.

3. Keep stock in check

If a user visits your product and it shows "Out of Stock," then you probably could lose a crucial potential customer. So always keep your stock in check so that you never miss out on the chance of lead conversion. You can do so in the following two ways.

- Set automatic reminders if you are using Amazon FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon. In this way, you can restock supply when it lowers to a specific level.

- When you are selling on multiple sites, you can use multichannel synchronizing platforms that help you sync your inventory levels.

4. Display genuine pricing

The second thing a buyer looks after the product title is its pricing. To rank your product higher than others, set your pricing according to the respective competition going around. Try to make sure you're pricing us better than your competitors.

Creating significant pricing gaps would lead you nowhere. Also, watch out for bidding wars, and sharks who offer lower prices to an unreasonable amount. Before making a product live, always check your pricing against others.

5. Product images matter a lot

Online shopping is dependent on the pictures shown for each product. Amazon has a zoom option to let users get a closer look at your product. We recommend using photographs having at least 1000 pixels (either height or width) to enable this function.

High-quality images are associated with the high growth of sales. Therefore people mostly prefer e-commerce photography for better results. You can also invest in e-commerce photography to get high-quality product images.

6. Content indentation

You should bifurcate the product description into smaller parts for increasing the readability and maintaining the interest. Try to keep key features of a product under bullets to make it more exciting and easy to read.

The content indentation should be appropriate, and the entire content should look uniformed. Also, avoid long boring product descriptions and include the only crucial details regarding the product.


Amazon SEO is essential for the vendors selling their products on Amazon. It is estimated that most of the buyers do not go after the first-page product results. Therefore you must get your product ranked on the first page.

We tried to mention some top ways by which you can increase your product ranking on Amazon. It will also help you elevate your sales and lead conversion. Try out each approach and rank your Amazon products higher.