PPC’s Scenario in 2019

PPC’s Scenario in 2019

PPC marketing, also known as Pay Per Click marketing, is a type of an internet advertising system in which the advertiser pays money to the company when its ads are clicked. Every year, PPC marketing has huge expectations and people do a lot to fulfil the same. This year, audiences and automation are some of the trends which revolve in the minds of the people. How can that be incorporated in PPC? What is its scope in 2019? Read on to find out.

1. Audiences vs Keywords:

Experts agree that this year will witness the death of keywords as advertisers will begin to prefer context and people, despite a lot of people who are not ready to declare the same. They believe that this year will witness the birth of primary search lever, along with audience targeting for better performance. Best marketers will be able to differentiate how data is segmented and implemented via a strategy which is set to target the audience. It is all about creating a detailed strategy of the different types of audience you are willing to target.

2. Automation + Human intelligence:

Automation is something which is not expected to come as it has already arrived. It has become a trend as we have begun to see a lot of them. Automation is something which creates possibility for business firms to be successful marketers so this year we can expect to see more interesting features of Google. Some people agree that Google ads will improve its in built automation features. It is obvious that Google wants advertisers to use automated bidding strategies in their campaigns. While people are expecting a humans vs machines scenario, experts feel that that cannot be expected, but rather a race in which experts in PPC will exploit the capability to take the best out of this opportunity.

3. Advertising alternatives:

2019 is gearing up to witness PPC marketers aiming to diversify their PPC outreach, along with this year being a great year for e commerce brands because due to the emergence of better personalisation and precision, there is going to be lot of competition between them. Facebook, for example, will seek to improve its ads such that it can generate personalized videos to its users (Birthday wishes, Friendship anniversaries etc). Similarly, Google will aim at the creation of local catalogue ads feature along with a much simpler mobile layout.

4. Account management:

Artificial Intelligence will continue to influence PPC campaigns, but this will lead to the loss of jobs for campaign managers. People who manage campaigns are now able to set competing campaigns to see which one wins the race. It is expected to escalate this year. However, PPC managers must know how to adapt their learning along with machines too. Although we are not in the age where AI outperforms humans, we are nearing the same. For all those who are looking forward for employment in this field, must be well versed with things like leverage automation, cross channel strategy etc.

Therefore, PPC experts have a lot to do to find their spot in this automated industry. Best results can be achieved when sophisticated management is layered on top with the automated engines as this will provide an amazing chance for PPC managers to achieve a lot in this scenario. PPC managers must sharpen their skills on a continuous basis in this field because even if there are many changes in the algorithms it will not affect us much.

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