Personalization of content | Content Marketing Trends

Personalization of content | Content Marketing Trends

Content marketing is one of the most sought after ways of marketing. It is one of the ways of understanding that “Content is King. It is pretty obvious because your content defines your product or service, no wonder how good your product or service can be. But how do you create good content? How do you come up with content which is suitable for your target audiences? The emergence of big data analysis has made it possible to create personalized content for different types of audiences such that delivering the right content to the right audiences at the right time is now possible.

1. Create a vision: It is necessary to have a basic idea about what you want to achieve through content marketing. Who are your target audiences? Are you targeting more leads? Or more brand loyalty? Or is it anything else? Therefore you have to think what you want to achieve and how you are willing to channelize your vision into process and later into goals. Although it might take time for you to get answers related to these, it is worth the process.

2. Collect information: Now that you have a vision, you have to come up with a way to achieve it. It starts off with basic information which has to be gathered. There are many ways of gathering it, such as surveys,questionnaires etc. You have to understand your target audience persona. Using personas is an amazing way for getting specific details like what are the problems faced by your target audiences or clients and how you can make an offering which will solve their problems.

SEO will continue to remain as a vital part of your strategy because in the end it is all about using the right keywords to optimize and by doing so you will attract the right audience as this will have an impact on the leads being generated. You have to look at your past keywords research as this will help you create the right content which will deliver the right value.

3. Reap what you sow: Now that you have gathered information and data about your audience, it is time to channelize the data such that you get the required content. This is the part where you have to put the personalization strategy into practice and achieve your goals. You have to create the right content such that it is compelling, simple language and high with values.

When you understand your audience, this will become an easier task.

Some of us might prefer to read and some might prefer to watch videos. Some might also prefer infographics. Some might prefer a “How to” blog post rather than “Best practices guide” post. In other words, there are a lot of data out there and there are different people who have different ways on consuming data. Through your research and data collection you will have to understand the tastes and preferences of your audiences and come up with content accordingly. When you create your content accordingly, you will notice more traffic, leads and conversions.

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