Must-Know Tips About Whiteboard Animation Video

Must-Know Tips About Whiteboard Animation Video

Have you ever seen those videos that look as if someone was drawing a story on a whiteboard while explaining something? This form of animation is called “whiteboard animation”, and if you aren’t conscious of their potential, then you’re in for a journey!

Whiteboard animation videos are sections that imitate an artist drawing on a board in the presence of a camera. In the start, people used live whiteboards and markers, but today it’s habitually done using digital animation, which executes the process cleaner and more productive. Whiteboard animations execute messages simpler to learn and retain. And yes, that includes your marketing message as well. They are said to have a high educational potential, which makes them ideal for getting complex ideas across to your audience.


So, grab a few minutes and read into the points below.

Never start without a script

The initial step in the making of any animated piece is writing a script. The writing is the backbone of any video, and it will make all the subsequent steps (storyboard, illustration, animation) much more comfortable. Your script must have a solid structure (a beginning, a middle, and an end), and the information should be distributed strategically.


Then comes the storyboard

A storyboard should show all the essential scenes of your video so that the process gets more comfortable for illustrators, animators, voice-over artists (and everyone else involved in the project).


Include elements that boost brand awareness

Especially if your fun details are calculated to increase your brand awareness. Add some color! Use the visual features that make your brand recognizable—your brand colors, logo, or even sounds!


Make your target audience feel connected to your brand

Including your viewers in your narrative is an excellent trick to help animated marketing videos achieve exceptionally fine. And it can come in incredibly handy as an extra layer of customization in your whiteboard animation videos.


Keep it short and sweet

If you create a small whiteboard video, probabilities are more chief that you’ll keep your viewers consideration all the way through. The most beneficial point you can do is to keep the time of your video between 60 and 90 seconds. That’s enough to communicate a compelling message and maintain their undivided attention.


Focus on quality

It may sound harsh, but in the customer’s minds, lousy quality content equals awful quality products or brands. On the other side, a label that has high measures when it gets to its content is observed as honest and dependable.


Wrapping up

Let’s wrap it up! Whiteboard animations work great when you need to educate your audience because they help communicate messages in a simple and visually exciting way. We’re continually aspiring to think of new and creative ways about Whiteboard Animation Video here at Radiance Vision. For more assistance, please reach out to us.


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