Know Why No one's Watching Your Video Content?

Know Why No one's Watching Your Video Content?

It is estimated that people around the world watch over 160 billion hours of online video in a year. Quite a huge number, right? Having considered the elevated popularity of online videos, businesses are attracted to creating videos for their business as well. Have you also recently had a corporate video for your business? But you couldn't get expected views and wonder why? Well, don't worry you are not the only one.

Today, we are going to discuss some obvious reasons behind why no one's watching your video content . In this way, you can understand the possible mistakes you are making and fix them as soon as possible. So without further delay, let us get started.

1. Too Long and Boring

If your video content is too long and unappealing, you can never get enough views and engagements. The time duration of a video is one of the most critical factors of the same. It shouldn't be too short to understand or too long to tolerate. Content, as well as the duration, must be concise & perfect.

2. People can't reach your videos

If people can't reach your videos, how can you expect views? Just make sure your videos are reachable and shareable to ensure more viewers engagements. Just keep in mind that the main purpose of the video is to fetch more and more viewers. Therefore, share it on the right platforms.

3. Viewers can't understand the video

If viewers can not understand your video they won't remain on it for a long time. It is crucial to keep your video in a manner that is understandable by all. Otherwise, it is nothing but a dummy content with no use. The content used in the video must be concise, simple, attractive, and eye-catchy for all.

4. The Wrong Channel is the culprit

If your video is residing on a wrong channel, it can never earn potential viewers. It is possible that your video content is on a channel where targeted audiences don't exist. The wrong channel is one of the most common culprits behind the stated issue but most of us do not really realize it. So make sure you keep your videos on the right channel for the right people.

5. Misleading Title

Sometimes people choose a misleading title for their video to fetch targeted audiences but it works in a reverse manner. Instead of getting views, you will lose potential viewers. Therefore just for the sake of getting a bunch of views, never use a misleading title. It can damage your brand image irrevocably. The title must be appropriate, concise, interesting, and most importantly relevant.

6. Lack of Optimization

Before putting any video for viewers out there, optimize it first. The process of optimization involves checking the relevance of title, content, images, effects, color combinations, and time duration, etc. While optimizing a video, just make sure it is relevant and useful to your target audiences.

7. Irrelevant or Outdated Content

No one likes to come across irrelevant and outdated information. Always avoid using outdated content in your video. Keep up with the latest trends and try to include interesting content that is appealing to its viewers. Also, make sure that the content used isn't incorrect. An inaccurate data used may harm your brand image bitterly.