Know Why Explainer Videos Are A New Favorite Thing

Know Why Explainer Videos Are A New Favorite Thing

Content Marketing is a type of business approach which revolves around creating valuable and profitable content for a business. There are a variety of contents available on the Internet today, plenty of options to choose from. But one of the most preferable types includes Explainer Videos. Marketers are always in a rush of keeping their brand on top and adopting marketing approaches to bring out something unique.

Explainer Videos are a new favorite thing due to so many reasons, which we will discuss here in detail further. Such videos possess the power of gaining an audience's attention within 90 minutes or less. An animated explainer video is the most favorite among all. The reason is quite simple - everyone finds animations/cartoons eye-catchy, creative and interesting.

1. Audiovisual encourages people engagement

Explainer videos make use of some advanced and creative tools that allow the formation of quality content that encourages people's engagement. Such videos are created in such a way that they can be easily understood by all of its viewers. Animated videos are fun to watch and build a positive brand image.

2. Brand value enhancement

If you have well-designed explainer videos of your products and services, you do not need to put in any more effort to explain your services to anyone. Just a video is enough to speak a thousand words. According to a survey, it was found that visitors spend around two-three minutes more on a website that contains explainer videos.

3. Higher probability of lead conversions

Needless to say, more audience engagement means a higher probability of lead conversions. We refer potential audience as a lead which can be turned into actual customers. It is possible with a great team, well-planned execution, and some kick head creativity at your disposal.

4. Sharing allows more engagement

The best part of explainer videos is that they have a shareable feature. When people share your videos, it is likely to invite more and more potential customers. It can range up to a wide range of people without you needing to do anything. Are you willing to have an explainer video for your business? Well, it is the right time to do so. How? Contact us for more details.

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