Know The Fundamentals Of Projection Mapping

Know The Fundamentals Of Projection Mapping

What is projection mapping?

Projection mapping is the method of warping or arranging projected images and videos to match physical objects' dimensions. Essentially it is the practice of real-world objects as projection surfaces and using software to adjust for distortions. The purpose is to utilize technology to handle lighting onto different surface types and transform ordinary things into interactive, 3D representations. It's rising in popularity because it's a medium for video trends in events. In essence, it's like designing with light – a way to add textures, colors, and even emotions to an environment. You really can project anything – from company branding, all the way through to cinema-style narratives.


Necessary parts

In common, to pull off projection mapping, you require four things:


-A projector

-A processor with data you want to project

-Software to bend the data onto real-world objects

-An object or situation that you wish your projected data to match.


Let's discuss hardware.


Projection mapping is a very graphically intensive process and therefore profits first and foremost from a sound graphics card. A good graphics card is only helpful if the computer connected can feed it a lot of data quickly, mainly if that data is being produced in real-time. Therefore, a good processor and ample memory are perfect.



You can have the most striking visuals in the world saved on your computer, but if your projector isn't sharp enough, or is out of focus, no one will know! The projector is possibly the most crucial aspect of projection mapping, which presents somewhat of a "barrier to entry"; projectors are expensive!


Software at a glance

Among the high price of the commercial options and the difficulty of using the available free programs, it's like the best option is to use free creative coding tools to make my projection mapping software. It will give you the opportunity to teach you not just about projection mapping, but a little bit of programming along the way! It's nowhere beside as severe as you might assume!


Why is projection mapping practiced in events?

-Wows attendees for enriched engagement

-Can present an ingredient of interactivity

-Adds a remarkable feature to your function

-Is imminently shareable on social media platforms

-Can offer impressive ROI in terms of advertising



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