Interesting trends in Digital marketing in 2019

Interesting trends in Digital marketing in 2019

In a rapidly evolving world, trends are something which changes as time passes by. It might be easy for us to ignore certain trends which tend to fade away as time passes by, but one must remember that genuine trends are those that have been around for longer. Here are some of the trends which can benefit your company if used properly:

1. Customer experience:

This is something which has not changed for quite a while, except for the fact that it has become a necessity for maintaining a share in the competitive market in 2019. For customer experience, you have to remember that there are 2 things which are required for delivering experience that customers expect:

• Personalization:

You have to look for something beyond capturing implicit data like demographic data and you have to combine it with data like customer expectations, preferences etc. By doing so you can understand you’re the needs of your customers and serve them accordingly with relevant content and product/services. For collection of data, you have to understand something known as engagement.

• Engagement:

You have to create a direct conversation with your customers and you have to get to know them by asking the right questions and engage with them in the right moment. By doing so, you can gain important information about their tastes, opinions, needs, wants, preferences etc as customers tend to seek personal relationships. They look forward to feel valued and understood. This year should be about breaking the walls between the businesses and customers which is created by the digital world. You can do so by engaging them properly by asking the right questions to the right people at the right time and acting accordingly.

2. Social selling:

According to Social Media Today, It is “The process of leveraging social media to do lead generation, build meaningful relationships and eventually, close sales”. Studies reveal that business firms connects with new buyers and by doing so, they secure a massive ROI compared to traditional sales tactics. Social media provides an amazing opportunity for businesses that can come up with a social media strategy as personalized marketing can be unsettling for customers due to the information being shared. Here are some statistics which highlight the same:

• Almost half of the world population use social media

• Almost 60% of the internet users are aged from 18 to 29 and they use instagram.

• More than 60 percent of the people who do online shopping say that

they are able to arrive at a decision to buy products after watching

product related videos.

We can conclude that consumer‘s expectations has to lead to brands and online sellers creating better experiences than competitors. They have ended up leveraging on personalization for delivering relevant content at the right time. This has lead to shopping becoming more convenient than social selling. One must be ready to use these trends as customers are looking forward for it from you.

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