Top Instagram Analytics Tool To Use In 2020

Top Instagram Analytics Tool To Use In 2020

Social Media Marketing has occupied the field of business marketing within no time. Just like Facebook Marketing, Linked In Marketing, etc., Instagram Marketing is equally essential for your business. Instagram Analytics helps you assess the entire performance of your profile and content altogether.

This tool helps you evaluate the varied parameters of your IG post potential and productivity. If you pay attention to your analytics data, you can get useful insights to help improve your IG marketing.

In this blog post today, we are going to mention the benefits of having an Instagram Business Profile. We will also explain the top Instagram Analytics tools to be used in 2020.

Advantages of Business Instagram Profile

- You can get access to Instagram insights.

- The business will reach potential customers.

- The businesses can add a contact button to the profile to help customers call them directly.

- The business links can be added to the Instagram stories.

Top Instagram Analytics Tools

1. Crowdfire

Price: Free to view data for past days

Crowdfire is an Instagram analytics tool that shows a detailed view of how your Instagram business account has performed in the past few days. You can choose a range of time, such as - yesterday, 7 days, 30 days, or 90 days. There is also an alternative option for custom dates.

The tool allows you to choose any Instagram metrics you want to compare like posts, likes, comments, reach, bio, profile views, email link clicks, etc. You can also compare your current performance with the previous one. It is free to use for viewing data of the past days.

2. Smartmetrics

Price: Starting at $9 per month

Smartmetrics collects insights on an hourly basis to offer you with more than thirty Instagram metrics about posts, likes, comments, reach, views, and much more. You can also track interaction with your followers, check Instagram hashtags engagement, and even monitor the replies on your story.

It allows you to download performance reports in the form of CSV or PDF files and also share through emails. Also, this tool helps you monitor activity around the brand by tracking replies & mentions on Instagram.

3. Squarelovin

Price: Free to use

Squarelovin is a free Instagram analytics tool that provides a monthly analysis of your recent posts and growth. It also displays the history of performance as an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis. Also, the tool offers insights on your follower's interests and preferences.

The best and worst time for posting is also mentioned here. You can figure out the best filters and hashtags to use for your business expansion.

4. Hootsuite

Price: Starting at $19 per month

Hootsuite is an IG analytics tool that allows you to review your Instagram metrics in an expanded manner. You can create an unlimited number of reports and also compare your historical data with the current performance.

This tool enables you to share reports easily with your team members directly from the Hootsuite dashboard. It is a versatile and easy-to-use IG analytics tool.

5. Iconosquare

Price: Starting at $29 per month

Iconosquare is the ideal analytics tool for agencies that possess multiple accounts on social media. This tool provides an advanced level of insights to help you analyze the overall performance of your business profile.

It has several unique features, including engagement metrics, story analytics, competitor tracking, and hashtags.

The tool allows you to understand Instagram insights such as gender, age, preferred language, and much more.

6. Whatagraph

Price: Starting at $119 per month

Whatagraph provides easy to understand insights reports for analyzing the overall performance. You can share such performance reports with your Social media manager, team members, and virtual assistant. It has a fantastic visualization of data with detailed descriptions.

You can also customize the report for your convenience. This tool lets you put your company logo, change the color scheme, and share reports via your email id.

7. Pixlee

Price: Free to use

Pixlee is a free Instagram analytics tool that helps you monitor your top Instagram posts and generate ideas for the content as well. It also has an intuitive feature of creating weekly performance reports. The data generated by this tool can be used to find social media influencers as well as connect with people posting about your business.

Apart from other options, it also offers hashtag tracking and statistics. It has an option to point out your most engaging content and a way to track growth in Instagram followers. This tool is free to use and comes up with varied features and options.