Innovations in Advertising

Innovations in Advertising

The world is evolving. So is advertising as that has inspired me to come up with this write up.

With the passage of time, advertising has evolved into a strategy used by companies for capturing a share in the market and for generating sales and profits. It has evolved into a tool not only for promotion but also into a method for informing the consumers about the availability of the product.

Here are some of the innovations in advertising

1. Outsourcing: Earlier there used to be a concentrated department in the companies just to focus on advertisements. Today this activity is delegated to professional advertising companies. These companies have experts who come up with tailor-made strategies for companies.

2. Geographical advertising:Have you come across certain advertisements in your electronic devices which pertain to a particular area/region? Advertisers are aiming at inserting their advertisements based on the browsing history, location etc of the users of electronic gadgets, be it cell-phones, tablets, computers etc. For example, people living in particular city come across different advertisements on social media relating to events happening in that city.

3. Interactive: Advertisements are stepping into a new method of creating advertisements which are interactive in nature. Interactive refers to the participation of consumers in the advertisement. It is such that the consumers complete the ad.

For example, a clothing company allows you to try on some clothes to see how it looks on you and what if I told you that it can be done using a virtual screen in front of you where you should just have to make some gestures for picking the desired outfit and viola! You will be dressed in that attire in the screen in front of you!

4. Social media advertising:Today we live in a world which has a lot people who are active users of social media. Companies use this as an advantage for mobilising leads and expanding their presence. Let us not confuse ourselves with digital media marketing and social media marketing as the former might refer to TV, Radio, YouTube etc but the later refers to only social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. In other words, Social media might be a part of digital media but the inverse is not possible

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