Importance of Videos in Inbound Marketing

Importance of Videos in Inbound Marketing

Social media sites, SEO, search engines, web pages etc. Are you familiar with these words? They are related to inbound marketing-techniques used by marketers of companies to attract people to their products and services. There are many ways to do that, provided that there is some value added to them. If you want to attract leads who appreciate your product or service, your content for it should be top notch. Make sure that your content is unique and attractive. Visual content is more prominent than text. Here’s why you have to add video into your inbound marketing content strategy.

1.Social media videos are eye catching:
Statistics reveal that almost half of the people use Facebook for more than an hour. Millions of people watch videos daily on Facebook. Videos on social media sites are game changers, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. In fact it is predicted that video content willbe the most sought content this year. In fact Facebook is going to launch a video creation app this year. Do you know that various platforms are optimizing their networks to sustain video content? They are also spending a lot of money on video ad promotion. Using social media sites for content marketing is a creative way to market your message to your audiences as the outreach is more. If you are ready to spend money on it, you can also spend it on paid ads too, fortunately it will not cost much too! 

2.Video sites have a content library:
Do you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine? Creating accounts on video sites is a trick you can use to spread your message about the company. If it is within your budget, you can opt for YouTube ads as that will also help in the promotion. Some video sites might be paid, but they also have analytical tools for analysing the statistics about your videos. But if you are looking for a cost effective technique, you can try adding links to your site into video descriptions as that will also help in increase traffic for your website. Writing long descriptions under your video will help a lot in increasing your following.

3.Blogs with video contentcan engage your audience really well:
Our brain sorts preference, out of which seeing images is one of it. That’s why we can remember imagesmore than images. This is a reason why blogs include pictures along with texts as it can help in increasing the retention rate. If we can remember images more, that is because the picture superiority effect. When a message with connected to images, the brain processes faster than the time taken to process with just words alone. Visualisations can also help in increasing the brain capacity. People tend to spend more time on web pages which have videos. Just because people would watch videos it does not meanthat videos must be long or boring. You have to get to the point with minimum time consumption as by doing so, your video is digested easily. This is why most of the people prefer to watch videos than read texts. 

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