How to do SEO audit as a part of your SEO services

How to do SEO audit as a part of your SEO services

Search Engine Optimization is the act of increasing the outreach of your company on search engines by just entering some keywords. However words used for SEO must be done carefully as it has a huge impact on the rankings and search results of your company’s website. Once it done it is very important to evaluate the performance of your SEO decisions through an SEO audit. Here’s how you can do it:

1. This is a standard way in which an audit begins. You don’t have to do much for this except choosing a tool as it will do the rest. It is mainly done to detect any errors which can affect your SEO efforts.

2. Once you are done with a crawl, have a look at the results and understand that there are some things to be focused on, like on page SEO.

3. Check the headers and title tags you are using as you have to ensure that they are properly optimized without any duplicate content. If you are looking at pages and title tags, you have to have a look such that they are relevant to your content and it should not be longer than 60 charecters.

4. Meta descriptions do not affect your ranking but they are important because you can use them to attract a customer when they are in the process of scanning a SERP. A good meta description is compelling as that tells us what the content is all about and why it is useful for us.

5. Organize your content with a proper hierarchy as without it Google will find it hard to analyze your website. If you are in need of a strong hierarchy, the main parts of your website must be few clicks away from your home page and this hierarchy must be clear to google.

6. The placement of your keywords is another important factor which can affect your SEO audit. Ensure that your primary keywords are placed within the first 100 words of your content as by doing so Google will be able to focus on your keywords. Be careful in using it because if you use it too many times, Google will penalize you.

7. Evaluation of content is an important step in SEO. If you content is not good, your bounce rate will shoot up and your rankings will drop drastically. Remember that content is important not only for SEO but for marketing purposes too. Evaluation has to be done from two perspectives: Google’s and from your perspective. SEO audit has to be performed at regular intervals in a year. It is up to you if you want to pick the number of times you want do it.

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