How to Differentiate Yourself from your Competitors in Terms of Marketing Services

How to Differentiate Yourself from your Competitors in Terms of Marketing Services

The world is rapidly evolving, due to which one can witness a lot of changes in the day to day activities. In business, marketing plays an important part in the daily operations as it is necessary to understand the needs and wants of the consumers and come up with products or services accordingly, promote it, sell it to them and manage after sales activities.

Earlier it used to be managed by the management, but today as times are changing, one can witness delegation of activities to experts, the reason being that experts who run their own marketing agency have a better understanding of the marketing activities and how to use them to get more sales. However one must be very careful in approaching a marketing agency as there are plenty of fish out there in the sea, you have to select a marketing agency carefully after considering a lot of factors. Since there are a lot of companies which offer the same type of services, there must be something which differentiates yourself from your competitors. In other words, your Unique Selling Proposition. If you do not have any, here are some simple steps which you can try so that you end up having a USP and your voice is heard to the masses.

1. Value centric messaging:

There are chances that you might not open a majority of your emails because you know that you are selling something. If you might have opened your last email, it had some value to you. Your messaging should do the same: provide value. By creating a message that offers something to the customers is an assured way for gaining more response in terms of conversions. Therefore it is necessary to offer something of value to the customers before you can convert them into sales.

2. A professional tone:

When you are selling something to your target customers, it is advisable not to use to the same tone or language you’re tuning to. If you speak to them like a human, you will get a human like response. Therefore you must find the best way to find the concise type of messaging. By doing so, you can get a lot of sales. In other words, stick to the same type of language you are engaging with your customers as by doing so, there are more chances of sales conversions happening.

3. Empathic approach:

If you want to understand your customers, the best way to do it is to understand them from their perspective. Although there are many ways of doing that, SmartBug recommends the creation of buyer personas by interviewing your current customers. If you create a narrative around multiple buying experiences, your messaging will be better and eventually you will sell your products or services easily.

4. Number of clicks taken to get to the point:

When you are grabbing the attention of your customers, assume that a timer is ticking and you have to seal the deal as soon as possible as that represents their attention span. If they lose attention, then you have lost the chances of sealing the deal. Moreover most of your competitors might not have spent much time on conversion rate optimization.

By factoring these steps you have more chances of gaining a more healthier conversion rates.

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