Wrong Way To Do SEO

Wrong Way To Do SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the act of increasing the number of visitors on the online platform of your company by improving the visibility of the company on the search engine result pages. The development of technology has resulted in a lot of business operations undertaking their operations online. The need for this has increased due to the cut throat competition in the market. Due to the competition, companies tend to make a lot of mistakes in this process. Here are some examples of the same:

1. No usage of analytics: 

The very objective of SEO is not only more visitors to your profile, but more conversions too. The process begins with setting goals and plans for the same, followed by implementation. Meanwhile, it is necessary to measure how far you have come along with how far you can go. This can be done with the help of analytical tools. Sometimes, there might be instances where your website generates less traffic but more conversations. In such cases the process delivers a successful result. By seeing the conversions you can identify when and how to optimize your website and focus on the places which produce more results.

2. Expecting results overnight:

It is very important to realise that this process needs a lot of planning and investment. Expecting lightning fast results or overnight results is a very not so practical move as this will need a lot of influencers in this campaign. Moreover there are high chances of changes in the usage of the search engines by the consumers. Therefore campaigns and strategies must be planned accordingly.

3. Causing more load time:

It is obvious that the videos and pictures etc will have a major influence in the appeal to the viewers. There should be a healthy balance with the loading time of the website. If the performance of the website is not up to the mark, there are high chances of the viewers leaving the website. This is very important because once the user visits a website, the search engine keeps a track of the time spent in the website. If it is less, the search engine will interpret as lack of interest in such kind of websites. The time taken to load a website can be reduced by keeping a check on the cache. Images can be compressed to reduce the time taken to load. There are also some instances where poor coding of the website could also be a reason for  the slow loading of the same.

4. No optimization:

If your business firm's website targets only a particular region, it is necessary to master local searches too. So to cater to the local audience it is necessary to include certain key-words which are specific to a particular region. Here, it is necessary to find a spot on local lists such as Google Places etc. There are chances where contact details must be verified too. So it is necessary to include contact details which are specific to a region.

5. Redirects: 
When a website moves from a URL to another, the search engines will consider it to be a new page. This can be prevented y adding a 301 or 302 direct. The difference between them is that 301 direct is permanent, whereas 302 is temporary. There are also certain instances when 404 Not Found code is also displayed. Setting up directs is an easy task for websites which do not have much pages or content.

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