Here’s how you can boost your video rankings on Google

Here’s how you can boost your video rankings on Google

No wonder how creative or innovative your product is, your product will not reach your customers if you do not have a marketing plan. This is where content marketing comes in. Producing content about your product, be it words or videos etc will help in building trust with your customers when your product is discovered. This will aid in increasing brand awareness and more sales. Some examples include posting on social media pages, infographics etc. Here’s how you can consider for boosting the ranking of your videos on Google:

1. Target keywords:

Ranking of videos in search results starts with keyword search. Before you create your videos, you have to decide the keywords you are going to use because half of the keyword searches turn up in Google’s SERPs. Google includes video results that revolve around tutorials, entertainment, product reviews etc. You have to target keywords that display results on the first page of Google. By doing so there is some hope that your videos have more chances on showing up on the first page of the search results page. If your keywords are broad related terms, then there are more chances of getting resources compared to narrow ones.

2. Aim for longer videos:

When YouTube was started, its algorithm was based on review count. This helped channels to boost their video rankings by refreshing the page over and again using bots. But today the algorithm is different. Your videos can be impacted negatively if people watch your video only for few seconds as it will be noted by the ranking algorithm. Use metrics like Average viewing duration, Comments, Social shares etc to determine the quality of videos. Long content in this case, longer videos tend to be ranked more on YouTube and Google. Long videos tend to consist of videos like how to guides and they are superior in terms of depth and time limit. With more people watching TV shows and movies online, viewing long videos has become a thing. You have to remember to make your videos as long as possible provided it covers the topic by making sense.

3. Optimize video titles:

Once your video is ready, it has to be uploaded. You have to optimize it. By doing so, your titles will help you rank more on Google and YouTube. The description of the video must provide additional details about videos and additional links as this will be favourable for both user and SEO. If you are aiming to get more out of SEO for your videos here is something which you can do.:

• Titles: Make sure that your target keywords and a reason for your videos to be watched. You can try adding AdWords and allow it do the work. You can do a Google search for the keywords and phrases such that you can see the ads being displayed at the top or bottom of SERPs. Based on where it is you can make necessary changes to your title.

• Descriptions: Description is important for YouTube and Google to determine the content of a video. Make sure that you add a eye catchy summary, keywords, links to your website and social meda handles too.

4. Promote your video:

Promotion is a key for getting your videos ranked. You have to generate views and backlinks. Although companies upload videos, they hardly take time to promote them. By promoting them, you have more chances of securing higher rankings.

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