Growth Hacking Simplified

Growth Hacking Simplified

There was a time when people used to rely on hard work for getting tasks done. Today in a very competitive environment there is a need for smart work. One has to achieve balance between hard work and smart work for success.  

In today's scenario, smart work has been a very important criteria for determining success. Out of all the techniques used for succeeding and surviving, growth hacking is one among them.

Sean Ellis defines Growth Hacking as "A person whose true north is growth". Every decision you make regarding growth hacking should target growth. It is a process which has a lot of data being tested technically to reveal the best possible way for growth and positive progress for the organisation.

Given below is a simplified process of growth hacking

1. Product Curation: Earlier product used to enter the market and then the advertising would begin. But today, based on the needs and wants of the people, a product is put in a pre launch phase to check for changes to be made in the product and make changes and adjustments accordingly.Start

2. word of mouth: After making the necessary changes, one has to start the word of mouth process. One can find the difference between a typical marketer and a growth hacker. While a growth hacker uses platforms like social media to start word of mouth which will end up in a chain reaction, the typical marketer will just aim at bringing in more customers

3. Look for opportunities: Growth hackers have to analyse the process and the outcome of their actions. This step involves looking at the results obtained due to the process and looking at ways in which the process can be

improved. Analysis is done using technical yardsticks for measuring the process.

4. Repeat:Growth hacking is a continuous process. Once the growth hacker analyses the outcomes of the process and takes steps to rectify the mistakes the reduce the loopholes, the process is repeated keeping in mind the rectified mistakes and the reduced loopholes.

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