Facebook strategy of Pay Per Click services

Facebook strategy of Pay Per Click services

Facebook is one of the social media marketing platform who is also a pay-per-click marketing channel. This means that, you will be paying every time to someone who clicks on your ads seen on facebook. You can also be charged based on ad impressions, video views, and other metrics.

After managing several Facebook ad campaigns, we can tell you that one should have backup of strategy so that if one fails, the other one can be used.

1. FB Ad Placements- Currently, there are nine different Facebook ad placements available in the Ads Manager:
a. Facebook Desktop Newsfeed
b. Facebook Mobile Newsfeed
c. The Right-hand Column
d. Facebook Instant Articles
e. Facebook In-Stream Videos
f. Facebook Suggested Videos
g. Instagram Feed
h. Instagram Stories
i. Facebook Audience Network

2. Facebook Ads Manager Google AdWords- Remarketing List Search Ads (RLSA) campaign can be held by combining both these services. RLSA means that you create a remarketing audience of past website visitors and increase your bids on Top AdWords keywords for these people already interested in your product.

3. Content promotion and Fb ad- The easiest way to include content marketing in your Facebook ad strategy is to share your content as blog or article or an eBook on your brand's Facebook page.

4. Ad A/B testing- testing of ad campaign is more important, the two most important things to get right are your target audience and your ad visuals which can be tested. Then, you can refine it with other campaign elements like Saved vs. Lookalike vs. Custom Audiences, testing among saved audiences, testing among ad types etc.

5. ACCD- Setting up a Facebook marketing funnel is done in a way that, 1st Attracting cold audiences, 2nd Converting warm audience, 3rd Closing deals with leads and finally Delighting your existing customers.

Last but not the least ad images are incredibly important- they're responsible for 75%-90% of ad performance as Pay Per Click services have a great impact on visitors.

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