Do you know there are different types of VFX?

Do you know there are different types of VFX?

Visual effects, popularly known as 'VFX' is one of the fast-growing processes in the field of filmmaking. Today, one out of three filmmakers consider VFX for their films. VFX not only enhances the movie but also attracts a huge number of viewers. Every one of us is aware of VFX but very few of us know that there are different types of it.
Did you know this? No? Come let's have a look at them.

Matte painting

We know for a fact that, a background is must for the projection of animation and to enhance your knowledge, matte paintings serve the same purpose. These paintings are traditional paintings or stills that are used as backgrounds for key elements of animation.

Digital animation

Digital animation is an animation that involves a digital method of creation. Everything, right from modelling and texturing to lighting and rendering computer generated 3D techniques come under digital animation. It adds more realistic and powerful appeal to the animation.


As the name suggests, compositing is combining different visual elements from separate sources into a single image. This is done to create an illusion that all these elements belong to the same scene. Today, most of the people use digital image manipulation to achieve compositing.

Simulation FX

Video games, who doesn't love them; we all grew up playing those but do you know how they are made? Simulation FX is used to develop our favourite video games wherein the movement of objects is completed in real time. Along with video games, it is also used in films and computer graphics.

These are foremost and basic types of animation that you should know as a beginner in the field of animation or even as a viewer.