Digital Video Production & Advertising Dominating Next Decade

Digital Video Production & Advertising Dominating Next Decade

Web world has become endless video loop. Social media platforms, new organization, company pages are providing outstanding amount of video content.

Educational content, reports, entertainment, or ads, the fact is that high-quality video has the ability to engage users on a deep and substantial level.

Use of personal mobile devices and high-speed internet connections have modernized Web world and is now driven by video in a way that was not possible back in 2000s, where only place to watch video was YouTube. According to a survey of YouTube 1 billon hours have been spent on videos for in 2017, video production has become important deriver of online content.

Digital Video Marketing fire ups

When you hook-up with your laptop or unlock your phone or switch on your TV, you can't escape from video content & that the game play of Video Marketing. Companies have recognized that videos can give the profit full return with many other advantages. Videos has become the flow of web browsing as they quickly engages the audience.

Video Marketing can work for any type of business; B2C or B2B, Enterprise, SMB etc. It is expected that till the end of 2018, $7 billon are going to be spend on just mobile video ad.

Collaboration of Social Media & Video Ad

It%u2019s like a written destiny for marketers that video advertising and social media roll with each other in the online world, as they are made for each other. Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat is the place where user spend most of his time scrolling streaming video, meanwhile company can stream a video ad with someone whom user are following on social media, as user prefer video content from them whom they follow.

Buy digging deeply in Facebook & Instagram demographic data, one simply target, personalized and can drive more conversion.
Personalization and Engagement is the real power of digital video advertising.

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