Different Types of Trends in Corporate Video Production

Different Types of Trends in Corporate Video Production

The rise of video production has ventured into various platforms. From videos being used in advertising to explainer videos, it has come a long way. Here are a plethora of ventures in the field of video production.

1. Live video: In a survey run by IBM and Brandlive, it is predicted that live videos has a bright future. Almost through the 94.8% of the people who responded in the survey, it has become pretty evident that videos will become an important part of the marketing mix, out of which live content will be given more preference, thus getting an edge of pre recorded videos.

2. Branded video content: This is a trend which has taken the social media world by storm. This is for companies with viral content expertise to team up with advertisers and venture into something known as Native Advertising. One such example is Buzzfeed- a popular content platform, partnering with GE, Geico, P&G etc and releasing content. This has also lead to creation of a lot of videos which have become viral. Similarly, Vice- another pioneer in the video industry, has partnered with a lot of companies like Samsung, Intel and Heineken. This is for creating a corporate video production project which can appeal to the audience in a better way compared to normal advertisements.

3. Video news: This is a trend which is becoming popular. Newsy, a company which was founded in 2008, has grown beyond limits. Their videos incorporate videos from various sources. They are modified and syndicated to various news outlets, thus winning a lot of awards for the same. Its competitors are sure to follow them.

4. Experimental marketing: This is one of the most exciting trends in video advertising to be noticed in the recent years. Brands which are looking forward to combine product interaction with viral pass around of social media are ready to invest a lot of money to come up with live brand focused events which has chances of gaining the attention of many brand followers. Heineken, for example, came up with something called Departure Roulette. It is such that they challenged random passengers in New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport to exchange their tickets for a holiday in some random destination, along with the airfare and accommodation being managed along with $2000 waiting for them to be spent on the other end of the flight.

5. Video Valets: Video valets are something which is used in customer service sector. This is all about customers having queries getting a chance to interact with a company representative through a video call. Companies like Amazon have come up with this service on its Kindle Fire HDX and a major chunk of the service interaction happens on the same. To sum it all up, a lot of companies have taken up video production as a marketing tool for creating awareness about the brand amidst the public. When your website has its own videos, having a business explainer video- a video which explains about your business, has proven to be helpful as videos are easier to absorb then words

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