Content Management Tips in SEO

Content Management Tips in SEO

SEO is defined as the act of increasing the rankings of your website in various search engines, thus drawing more visitors to your website. SEO is one complicated act which requires a lot of planning and execution as there are a lot of factors which contribute to the same. Here are some of them.


1. Quality:

Quality of your content matters because through this you will end up attracting a lot of people who will end up checking your posts. Your content should be unique such that people must go through your posts and by doing so, you will get an edge over your competitors.

2. Structure:

One must remember that structure plays an important role for the success of the content. It has to be appealing. If it has to be appealing, the readers should not be intimidated by the long paragraphs. People might not be interested to read your posts if it is too long. You can substitute paragraphs with points as it will make the content look less. This will also end up with a lot of people reading your content, eventually contributing to the increase in traffic for your website.

3. Word count:

Word count and structure go hand in hand. If your word count is less, people will tend to read your write ups. Successful content is the combination of word limit, structure and quality. Even if you prefer paragraphs, make sure you end up conveying more through minimum words. In other words, your content should have minimum word count but should end up conveying more.

4. Constant updates:

In SEO ranking, the rate at which you update your content also guarantees the success of your company. It is important to update your website on a regular basis. Therefore one must plan when to update the content with how many write ups. Whatever may be, it has to be done on a regular basis as by doing it regularly, you can draw regular visitors to your website which will also increase the chances of more conversions for your company.

Keywords Placement

1. Title:

You have to take care of placing the keyword in the title such that it comes in the post and in the title. Search engines tend to give more priority to the first 3 words on your posts and title. So if it is placed accordingly, there are higher chances of that being noticed and featured accordingly.

2. Summary:

If your content has a summary, it is advisable to add the keywords preferably in the first line and last line of the summary paragraph. You can also end up keeping it as the first word of the introduction line.

3. Conclusion:

Content has to have a proper structure. Although there is no predefined structure, people tend to follow a typical structure which begins with an opening paragraph, followed by the main paragraph and ending with the conclusion paragraph. You can add keywords in your conclusion paragraph too but that depends upon your needs and wants.

4. Long tail keywords:

Long tailed keywords yield more returns compared to single or double word keywords. Therefore the longer the keywords, the higher the chances of being featured. If keywords are long enough, your write ups will be ahead of your competitors compared to those who have short keywords.

5. LSI Keywords:

Also known as Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords, there is not much necessity for these keywords to be synonymous to your keywords. However they have to be related to them in a semantic manner.

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