Building Blocks for a Marketing Project

Building Blocks for a Marketing Project

Marketing is one of the core components of a company why sells products or services. It is the necessary act of understanding the needs and wants of the consumers such that you come up with a product or service and selling it to the customer, along with post sales activities too. Nowadays, the development of technology has penetrated into marketing such that people are using technology

in the day to day marketing activities, one such example being digital marketing. Today marketers look for optimal usage of resources and efforts such that not much of them are wasted. This calls for some serious planning before a marketing project is taken up. There is a popular saying: “Well begun is half done”. Have you ever wondered how to start a marketing project? Have you ever felt lost when you have to start a marketing project? What could be the reasons? Are you in deficit of resources? Are you in deficit of any guidance of how to start, carry forward and finish the project? Read on to find out the best practices for starting a marketing project:

1. Projects that start with a clear objective and scope are likely to succeed:

The complexity of a project increases with the size of the same. To get a proper idea about the objectives and scope, it is necessary to set up a meeting with your stakeholders so that you can discuss the details properly. Try sticking to a face to face conversation at all times as this is the chance where you can get everyone on the same line before the work is set to begin.

2. Create a template that captures all the important information you will be needing:

This a vital building block from which the project will take form. By doing so, the project team members can end up making a campaign which is effective and efficient. The template should answer questions like “What is the aim of the project?” “Who is your target audience?” “What is the timeline for the project?” etc.

3. Make sure you have the resources when the project is about to begin:

Have you ever come across a situation wherein your project has come but your resources are overloaded? To prevent this problem, it is necessary to have a foresight along with resource management tools. You have to be ahead of time by having marketing and client managers who have full access to the details of the project to confirm the availability of the required materials and resources for the project before the work begins.

4. Ensure that your workflow has the right people in right numbers performing the right tasks:

Your workflow forms the building blocks for getting the project completed in a timely and efficient manner. Before a project begins, ensure that there are no extras in it, like stake holders who are more than the required number etc. If there are any, then you have to unload them from the project.

5. Anticipate risks:

There are chances of some issues creeping into the project, such as lack of resources, lack of man power etc. Issues will happen, so you have to be prepared to manage such issues and solve them such that in the end once you finish a project, you retrospect, understand the mistakes being committed, the reasons for the mistakes and come up with precautionary methods to solve them in case you are about to take another project in the future.

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