Art of Educational Video Production

Art of Educational Video Production

The basic aim behind creating educational videos is to come up with alternate methods of educating the masses. It has proved to be useful through a better retention rate by those who watch them. It is a symbol of good customer service and it is also an effective and an efficient way of educating the masses.
It has to be done in a systematic way (like science) fused with innovation and creativity (like art).The way they are presented depends upon how they are made, keeping in mind the needs and the wants of the clients. Some tend to overdo it, due to which it ends up as a failure. Here are some things to be kept in mind when educational videos are being made.

1. Include feedback:
More than the makers, the people who watch the videos tend to identify the places for improvement or suggestions for making it better. So it is necessary to include feedback. It can also include doubts and queries regarding whatever is taught through the same.

2. Content management:
There can be some instances where the content can has to be updated due to the rapidly evolving world. It is necessary for the viewers to be educated with the updated information rather than the old information. Therefore it is necessary to update the information frequently. Content should be simple as such videos are not made with the intention of overloading the viewers.

3. Time limit:  It is necessary to have a time limit but it should end up conveying more. People tend to skip the videos if the length is more. Having long videos makes it difficult to download the same. Therefore,

streaming will turn out to be a better option as neglecting long videos or finding difficulty in downloading videos are symbols of wastage of resources and time.

4. Connecting:
It is very important for the users to connect themselves with the videos. Experts suggest the idea of including an instructor. Not all videos require the need for an instructor. Therefore it has to be used
optimally. If the instructor has to create a connection with the viewers, they have to be well prepared. There should showcase some confidence and should try not to include stammering. Instructors in should speak at a moderate pace so that it will be easy for the viewers to follow. So this requires a different kind of preparation, compared to the preparation for a
normal lecture.

5. Consistency:
If a bunch of videos have to be created, one should remember not to end up making videos which have different time limits. Time limit differences should be less because by having a consistent time limit the attention of the viewers cannot be diverted.


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