Five Animation Styles That Can Change Your Marketing Game

Five Animation Styles That Can Change Your Marketing Game

The animation is an incredible explanation tool that has been around for a long time. Studios and creative agencies are using it more and more with their clients to share anecdotes and facts in a way that fits their brand, is extensible, versatile, and fun, and pleasing to watch. Animators always present new refinement levels and produce revolutionary ways to tell stories that are quirky and modern, without being “cartoony.” 


In this article, we will dive into five different forms of animation – all of which can be used in animated video marketing.

Traditional Animation- Traditional animation point out the animation technique of the first big motion pictures. However, traditional animation operates like storyboarding, personality design, and frame-by-frame drawings are still laboriously used. Many animators will even now use conventional energy and a frame-by-frame animation process to embellish full character sentiments or composite action sequences with many features. Designers and animators will create thousands of frames to get the animation to look just right.

2D Vector-Based Animation- 2D vector-based animation is conceivably the most familiar style of animation. It can be used to depict feelings, emotions, or facts and figures so that viewers can usually seize. 2D animation is nearly the most extensively used for branding and marketing due to the flexibility and ease of dispensation. It can only convert from an animation to a print to web-based marketing.

3D Animation- 3D animations are pictures that were craved in a 3-dimensional environment and then animated. It’s also artistically laborious, as not all animators or designers can do CGI. Instead, you’ll probably have few animators who specialize in specific 3D animation styles or techniques such as 3D marketing videos, character animation, or special effects.

Motion Graphics- Motion graphics is a subtype of animation. It's expressed as "auxiliary animated graphics." Motion graphics can also be done in 2D, 3D, traditional, or stop motion style. The significant dissimilarity is that motion graphics only intensify an animation but are not a full animation themselves. 

Stop Motion- Stop Motion is perhaps the most severe form of animation. It’s similar to traditional animation in the way that it’s also a frame-by-frame technique. It can also be used in marketing to express a more “organic” or “hand-made” process that can suit a definite brand. Stop motion capabilities are limitless!

Closing Thought- There are many tools and assets to assist you in looking for the most pleasing animation style you can use for your marketing video. You can stick out to us for more comprehensive information. We will offer some ace ideas on how animation should be used and its benefits. We also provide a team of highly qualified Animators in Mumbai and Vashi.

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