7 Factors Affecting Expenditure On Video Production

7 Factors Affecting Expenditure On Video Production

Videos are an effective way of communicating your message to the masses. Video production would be limited to just ad film making for corporate, but today it has ventures into various areas such as business explainer videos, visual effects etc. With a lot of corporate delegating these tasks to production houses or to experts, they have to analyse a lot of factors needed for the same as video production can end up with a lot of costs and expenses, such as follows:

1. Expertise:

Whichever profession it is- Doctor/Lawyer/Engineer etc, experience and expertise matters. Video creation is a lengthy process so in the end you end up paying for the experience and expertise of the people behind the video. Top level experts can be more expensive on the budget.

2. Content/Script/Storyboard:

Doing a video just for name sake is a waste of time, money and efforts. There should be an objective behind all of these. People creating such videos must do it such that in the end your business progresses positively.
Although there are a lot of pre- production and post- production work in video production, the main framework of video production is script and storyboard, which a lot of people don%u2019t give much preference. It is like building a home but rushing with the interior designs.

3. Graphics/Editing:

Editing process for a video is a cumbersome task. It is also a crucial task where you remove the unwanted parts of the video and retain the necessary parts which can make your video look amazing. Editors are probably one of the most important people constituting a video production project. Some videos will in need of some simple graphic elements whereas some will be requiring complex and advanced graphics. So the complexity varies from the type of graphics you are willing to add. So the skill required for adding such graphics also matters.

4. Equipment: 

Although equipment does not play an important role in this, the main ingredient for selecting a video production house is the quality of the output they manage
to deliver. Even if the company can deliver good quality videos with minimum costs, regardless of the equipment being used, then there is no harm in going for the same. However the quality of the equipments being used matters as they also play a role in producing the final output. If you end up using expensive equipments and produce low quality videos, then it is not worth it. Final output depends upon the quality of the cameras or the equipments being used.

5. Language and Subtitles:

Are you aiming at producing videos with multiple soundtracks, they might add up to 10% to 20% more of the overall costs. If you are aiming at adding subtitles it might add on to more costs.

6. Formats:

Another factor which influences the cost of video production is the types of formats you are willing to create as a part of the post production work. This point will leave the clients questioning themselves with questions like %u201CWhere is it going to be played?%u201D %u201CHow may formats should you produce?%u201D etc. Adding multiple formats after a video is produced can amount to 5% to 10% more of the costs.

7. Studio:

Do you need a controlled environment for shooting your video? Are you using a green screen? People who use studios for shooting videos tend to undergo a type of cost called Studio Cost i.e., the rent paid for the usage of a studio. Earlier people used to own studios but the practice has gone down as a lot of people are switching to renting studios. So the price of it differs from the size of the studios.

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