6 Tips that will help you to make Effective Video Content for your Business

6 Tips that will help you to make Effective Video Content for your Business

Videos are one of the powerful means of conveying messages and sometimes it can guarantee the success of a company. Sometimes companies tend to make mistakes in video production which can be detrimental to a company. Here are some examples of the same:

1.Too technical: No wonder how complicated or technical a video content can be, simplicity is always the key. Although if a video is made to explain something technical, there should be a proper balance of words because if not the viewers tend to experience burnouts while watching the video, resulting in information overload. The only way to combat this issue is to ensure that the content is created such that it does not become too technical nor too superficial.

2. Multiple Topics: As simplicity is a key, it also includes the number of topics being included in the video. Sometimes a video can become complicated when multiple topics are included. This happens when producers want to prevent the creation of multiple videos and aim at stuffing the entire content in one or a few videos. It is better to create a set of videos rather than one long video in such cases.

3. Too promotional: Sometimes, videos makers tend to make videos which seem to be so promotional in nature and that is not the right way to make videos. Instead of focusing on selling, companies should focus on telling a story. More than selling or promotional it should focus on narration as storytelling is a very powerful tool.

4. Technology>Talent: There are multiple factors for choosing a video production company and technology and talent are some of them. Companies tend to choose video makers based on the technology they possess, like fancy cameras or the latest equipment. There can be situations when the production companies have all such equipments might not know how to use them too. If you want to approach a production company, it is necessary to choose talent over technology as in the end you are looking for people who can shoot quality videos. So it is necessary to choose video production houses which can also make videos based on your budget.

5. Not Optimized: Video production is something more than just a script and the visuals. Optimisation is all about how you present yourself to the viewers. This process involves creating your video accordingly such that you present it accordingly on all screens and platforms. If a video is not optimized and is presented in only in a common manner in all platforms, it might fail to strike a chord with the viewers.

6. Lack of uploads: After a video is created companies have to upload it in various platforms, be it Facebook/Twitter/Instagram etc. Sometimes companies tend to upload it only on one or two platforms ignoring the others. This is a serious issue. A video might be made for a common platform but it can fail to strike a chord with the people because it is not made accordingly for a social media site. For example, if a video is uploaded on YouTube, it might not be compatible on Instagram as it has restrictions in time limit. A video need not be uploaded on all portals as it is better to do so only in the same which generates more leads or more conversions. It all can be done after a lot of planning and analysis. We at Radiance Vision are a bunch of talented people who are experts in video production. We cater to the needs of our clients accordingly and deliver high quality results.