5 Upcoming Trends in SEO and Digital Marketing

5 Upcoming Trends in SEO and Digital Marketing

SEO and Digital Marketing has taken the world by storm. It has become an important method for companies for gaining more conversions. Since this is closely equated with business and technology, it evolves. This means that it will come up with a lot of trends as time goes by. Here are some of the trends in 2019 for SEO which will come into limelight soon:

1. Mobile first:

This means that Google will end up using the mobile version of your page for ranking. It has begun using mobile sites to determine its ranks. However a mobile version doesn’t imply that it is mobile only. It refers to Google using mobile versions for ranking. This implies that it is necessary for the mobile version to be website friendly. So it is necessary to understand that you pages must deliver an amazing user experience. One has to look into various factors which influence the same.

2. Page speed:

Google prefers delivering the best UX and delivering it the best way. Loading time of the desktop version of the website has been considered as an important factor for ranks. Today, the emphasis is shifted to mobile phone version too. You have to understand the metrics which will be used as a yardstick for measuring the speed. Usually it used to be evaluated on some technical parameters. Today it is evaluated on optimization and speed. Speed score evaluation is an interesting part as it is taken from the user experience’s report as that can be claimed as a real user’s performance database. For optimization, you can fix the problems which results in your page from loading slowly. As of now, optimization score is considered for your website’s rankings.

3. Ranking signal:

Google uses online brand mentions in its search algorithm. It can be used in two ways as a ranking signal. Search engine will understand the fact your brand is an entity. It will get a better picture of your company by mentioning all the properties mentioning it. There are a lot of factors that matter : reputation, trust, advertising, complaint solving etc for understanding the context. Through context, Google will understand the positives and negatives. It will also segregate them both.

For example, brand mentions can affect the site’s rankings. It is necessary to cater to your brand reputation by addressing your customer’s queries and to engage happy clients too. You can do that by tracking the number of positive mentions of your company which are done online. You can monitor them through some softwares like Awario. It is very important to find influencers for your company. By looking at your competitors and reverse engineering their strategies, you will get a better understanding of your SEO efforts.

4. GDPR:

General Data Protection Regulation, also known as GDPR, regulates the ownership of the data created through the interaction of users. From now on, it will be the users who will do it, not corporations. Through this, users can find out their personal data held by the company and if the company fails to oblige, they can be heavily sued. Now all the data tends to expire 26 months after it is collected. However, websites can be modified regarding when the data can be deleted, along with the ability of deleting the data as per the request of the individuals.

5. Amazon search:

Although Amazon is not a major search engine, why do a lot of people continue to use it? Studies suggest that 56% of the consumers visit Amazon first if they plan on shopping. Through this, we can say that Amazon has become the Google of E-Commerce.

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