5 Common Myths of Digital Marketing you should stop believing |Demystified

5 Common Myths of Digital Marketing you should stop believing |Demystified

In the world of marketing, digital marketing will sound fascinating due a lot of tasks being done online or through various online platforms. However when some decisions are being taken for digital marketing, one will come across a lot of myths or disbeliefs right from the beginning till the end of the tasks. Here are some myths which people have to stop believing

1. Negative reviews are detrimental for a business: If a customer encounters an issue with the
product of your company or any issue, they appeal to the customer care or on the social media platform of the company. Issues raised on social media platforms such as Facebook tend to gain a lot of viewers. Companies should not panic as negative reviews should be taken as an opportunity to improve the defected areas of the company. However it is very important for the company to address the issue in a decent manner.

2. It%u2019s digital marketing only: The advent of digital marketing might%u2019ve created an impression that
it has eliminated the traditional marketing practices. It is not true. One can see a lot of traditional marketing activities being undertaken too and that%u2019s because digital marketing is just a part of the overall marketing plan. Digital marketing does not form the entire marketing plan. However the strategy and the proportions of traditional marketing and digital marketing has to be planned carefully as it differs from company to company.

3. Boring companies cannot benefit: Whichever company you consider or whichever products or services is being offered, there are customers online. This applies for different types of products or services, be it commercial or industrial etc. Products from one industry might seem to be boring to another industry. This is a preconceived notion marketers come across thinking that a product might fail or the strategy might fail because the product is considered to be boring. It is very important to understand that a product which is considered to be boring by one company or industry will be considered to be interesting for another.

4. Social media presence: Today there are a lot of social media platforms- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Companies tend to create their presence on either on all social media platforms/Only one social media platform. The presence depends from company to company. Expanding the presence to all the social media platforms can be a time consuming process, adding on to the point that from all only few will produce the desired results, thus showing the companies which social media platform has the most number of potential customers. It is also very important to remember that just because you end up creating your presence on a social media platform it doesn%u2019t mean that your audience is limited to that platform alone.
In order to combat all of these issues it is necessary to understand that expansion on social media should be done based on the demography. For example, in one area the presence can be expanded on Facebook and Twitter on another. To arrive at a conclusion regarding the platform to be chosen, the company must survey the demography and social media in order to figure out the preferred platform and strategy.

5. Internet traffic: Increasing internet traffic might be a plan, but it does not guarantee more conversions. It is done to increase the number of visitors to the online platform of the company and to increase the presence on the internet. Just because the presence is increased it does not mean that there are high chances of conversions. Sometimes even a small presence can generate more conversions because quality matters over quantity.

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