4 Predicted Dimensions of the Third Dimension |3D Animation

4 Predicted Dimensions of the Third Dimension |3D Animation

Virtual Reality (VR) is one of those things which influenced the world drastically, particularly in the field of gaming. At the same time, 3D printing is something which has taken the world by storm due to the possibilities of creating products of high quality and precision. But what if both of them fuse together and create a new outcome? Can we expect something interesting in the field of 3D printing? Here are some of the outcomes expected, such as follows:

1. Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality is something which is happening today. With technology giants investing a lot of efforts, money and time in this, it looks obvious. It is predicted that soon virtual reality headsets will become common like a smart phone. And since a lot of efforts are invested in VR, it can be seen in 3D modelling when contractors and project managers are able to create a virtual walkthrough of buildings or big physical structures. VR enables them to identify potential areas of committing mistakes and allows them to take precautionary measures well in advance. This is something which the clients can experience too. Even clients can step into the design work when it is created in VR and have a look at the same, despite a rising argument about people alienating themselves from a real world and sticking on to a digital fantasy world which can pose as a potential threat in multiple ways.

2. Real Time Rendering:

Today people are not aiming at just selling product or service but are rather aiming at selling experiences through the products and services. With a lot of people using PlayStations or any other controls, Real Time Rendering has found its way into such gaming consoles. It is all about how a character in the game, which is controlled by a user, moves or behaves like the person who is controlling it. Today people are using technology to create virtual experiences that allow people to live in a virtually created structure. One can achieve a powerful outcome by fusing this with 3D technology. The only drawback here is the whooping money which has to be invested in this. Although such technology is yet to find its
way into the construction industry, it is predicted that it will happen. With the improvement in technology there are predictions for a cost friendly and a better experience being delivered by big construction companies.

3. Direct Metal Printing:

Direct metal printing is something which has maximum possibilities of achieving a breakthrough in the future. It aims at printing a lot of alloys using 3D technology as they have exceptional performance characteristics. With this achieving breakthrough, one can imaging printing products which require a lot of detailing, particularly in industries like aerospace, automotive and mechatronic industries. Imagine designing high quality and better performing equipments and they end up replacing the traditional equipments made from traditional materials. This can be done with less cost compared to the present costs incurred. For example, one can print and use spare parts for vehicles instead of buying original ones. It is predicted that in the future, direct metal printers will end as a necessity in factories. GE plays an important role in direct-metal printing and it expected to generate a lot of revenue in the upcoming years.

4. Speed in printing:

Ever since 3D printing was introduced, it has ended up producing products of high accuracy and precision, but speed has remained an issue. It takes a long time to print the same. The development in technology is expected to influence the speed or the time taken to print the products such that it is done with minimum time or with lesser time compared to how it was done earlier. Earlier it used to take days to print something using 3D technology. Today companies like Nexa 3D are capable of printing photo- curable polymers at very high speeds, probably 40 to 50 times the speed compared to an average 3D printer. If the speed is improved, there are high chances of 3D printing playing a major role in designing and manufacturing industries. The development of time also influences the type of desired output. With development of time, one can also expect the creation of different types of outputs, such as rigid, semi rigid or flexible outputs.

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