2.O| Emerging Reality of Movie Robot 2.O| VFX Featurette Film

2.O| Emerging Reality of Movie Robot 2.O| VFX Featurette Film

2.0- the magnum opus of Indian Cinema, was released on 29 November 2018. Directed by Shankar and produced by Lyca Productions along with music by A R Rahman, this film, starring Superstar Rajnikanth, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson has smashed box office records and has continued to dominate the box office. This film, the sequel of Eindhiran(2010), has elevated Tamil Cinema industry to international level. Shankar is known for his big budget films and this film is also made at a whooping budget with a lot of money being spent on the visual effects, which is a visual treat indeed.

This film is one of the few films which are made using original 3D, where the film is not converted into 3D, but rather shot entirely in 3D. The film has the usage of virtual cameras- a one of a kind camera system being employed in this project.

This camera system helps the cinematographer to pick the best camera angle for a particular scene. This camera system has a pre loaded image in the system and the person controlling the camera has to pick the best angle by moving the camera around the object. This allows the cameras to be operated from any vantage point. Usage of lighting and shadows in a film are critical aspects for the successful presentation of a movie. The camera system is not limited to a single person operating it. Based on the requirement, N number of cameras can be set and they can be moved in a 3D space, along with a wireless system being employed for this is another positive. The experience is such that you are a part of the proceedings in the movie.
This system is not only limited to movies alone, but it has expanded into games as well. Games like

FIFA allow the usage of such technology and that has enabled users to view various angles of the game and the players. Although it was previously used for pre visualisation and for deciding the best camera position for certain scenes, it has expanded its reach into being used to shoot movie scenes and it has found its presence in movies like 2.0.

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